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12 Senators That May Not Return At the 9th Assembly In 2019.


12 Senators That May Not Return At the 9th Assembly In 2019.

It is really funny how Nigeria unlike our colonialist nation, United Kingdom, shuffle the legislature every now and then during elections. This is probably because of the godfatheristic nature of the Nigerian political realm, or the fact that Nigerian just vote for new people when they are indeed very tired of incumbent ones. Well that would be a story for another day.

Today, I have compiled a list of solid twelve senators whose seats and position in the National assembly are vehemently shaking for factors that would be discussed below;

They are as follows;

1. Sen. Ike Ekwerenmadu, CFR: Being one of the longest serving senators in Nigeria’s democracy, and being a principal officer of the National assembly, and not just that being one of the most distinguished senators from the opposition party, PDP, Senator Ekwerenmadu had created a distinctive barrier for himself as a legislator with ample experience to back him up. However, experience and distinction alone is not enough to secure his fifth time seat at the senate in 2019. This is because over the time, and particularly during the inception of the 8th Assembly, Ekwerenmadu made a new list of foes from the ruling APC after his pally with the Senate president, Saraki, and his boys that brought about his reemergence as the deputy senate president once again. Apart that, Rumour has it that a former governor of Enugu state, who has massive support and influence, and who happens to be a chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC) and fellow constituent of Ekwerenmadu at Enugu west is planning to run against Ekwerenmadu and oust him out of the senatorial race. If this actually happens, the APC may gain control over the constituency and Ekwerenmadu may not have a chance of returning.

2. Sen. Rabiu Kwankwaso: The former governor of Kano state who owns the sociopolitical group called ‘Kwankwansiyya’ and currently represents Kano Central at red chambers may not stand an opportunity of returning to the chamber. This is premised upon the recent controversial feud between the senator and his former deputy, who currently is the Governor of Kano state and the leader of the APC in the state. The feud has lasted a long while, and there is possibility that if hachets aren’t buried, Ganduje, the incumbent governor may frustrate all possible means Kwakwanso may use to get a return ticket. If the Governor succeeds, Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso may not be able to return for the 9th Assembly.

3. Senator Shehu Sani: Recently, Senator Shehu Sani started a controversial battle for supremacy against Governor Nasir El-Rufai within the four pyramids of the Kaduna state chapter of the All Progressive Congress (APC). Resultantly, the atmosphere seems like Senator Sani has turned politics to activism, and have decided to make himself the sociopolitical critic of Kaduna State by criticising every action and inaction of Governor El-Rufai, and ensuring no stone is unturned in his criticisms despite being members of the same political party. However, Senator Sani may have dug his own grave by starting a war with the very man that could help his political ambition. Rumours has it that the senator nurtures an ambition to succeed Governor El-Rufai, but possibility lies that he may lose on both front, as El-Rufai would pose a difficult threat and challenge to him. And not that, the governor been a person who never backs out of political war without a fight, there is possibility that a senatorial return ticket may also turn out into a tug of war between the two Kaduna gladiators. If the governor has his way, Shehu Sani would not be opportune to take in the cool air of the hallowed chambers come 2019.

4. Sen. Dino Melaye: It is no longer news that Senator Dino Melaye is one of the most controversial legislators in the Nigerian Polity. The self acclaimed anticorruption activist is on the verge of recall and in a serious battle with the incumbent of Kogi state, Governor Yahya Bello. News have it that constituents of the Kogi west senatorial district are not pleased with the performance of the senator, and most importantly his style and method of politicking and legislating. Being a sophisticated senator trying to fit into the fashion and vogue world, It seems Dino Melaye would be better off being a professional model and test driver. Looking at the ways things are going, if Melaye survives recall, there is every the possibility the governor of kogi would frustrate his possible chance of return, and if he is a lucky to get a ticket, he is constituency may vote him out in 2019, afterall Kogi West are popular for never being a particular politician. Sen. Smart Adeyemi is a living example of their disloyalty.

5. Sen. Buruji Kashamu: Kashamu is the senator you could tag most wanted. This is because news has it that he is a wanted Drug lord/Baron wanted by the U.K government. He is a senator who in a bid to escape arrest and extradition put all his resources into politics. He currently represent Ogun east senatorial district. Giving his strong support to senator Ali modu Sheriff in the just concluded National crisis of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), and whom many think wanted to give a final burial to the PDP for good, rumour has it that the Makarfi loyalist of the Ogun chapter of the PDP would heave a massive blow on Kashamu by preventing his possible rerun ticket for a return to National Assembly at the 9th Assembly. If this plays out as planned, The drug lord may need to start packing his metal box for the U.K prison.

6. Sen. Ben Murray Bruce: popularly known as the Twitter senator, and one of the ad hoc member of the Senate committee for sleep and slumber, senator Bruce has more tweets to his credit than legislative bills. The business magnate involvement in politics in the last few years has been nothing but sheer waste of time. His victory to the National Assembly was out of sheer efforts made by the governor of Bayelsa state, Seriake Dickson who perfected the party primaries to the favour of Bruce though narrowly. It was said that Bruce had won the primaries of the PDP against a former governor who had ample experience in governance and state politics. To many, he was simply imposed on the people. Great possibilities lie that Senator Ben Murray Bruce may not return in 2019 particularly with the reports of poor performance and ineffective representation clouding his political reputation, and considering the possible fact that Dickson’s hired guns may withdraw their support. It would be best if the Abuja senator, who prefers to sit in the federal capital rather than holding dialogues and town hall meetings at his constituency return back to the business world and forget politics for good, since after all 2019 is not sure.

7. Sen. Ali Ndume: The former senae leader have been battling one controversy to the other since his removal as senate leader and subsequent suspension from the senate, particularly with respect to the recent Slap he lashed on the face of a member of the Borno House of Assembly. The senator representing Borno South senatorial district may not stand a chance of returning back to the 9th assembly. This is because he nurtures an ambition to succeed Governor Kashim Shettima of Borno State. The current governor opposes the proposition of Ndume as a possible sucessor, and would do anything within his might to prevent it. Couple with this, Senator Ali Ndume is in serious conflict with his political with his party supporters, and evry tendency lies that if he does not put his house in order before 2019 election, he may loose on both fronts, and loose both chances of becoming the governor or even returning to the 9th assembly.

8. Sen. Jonah Jang: The former governor of Plateau state remains one of the few former governors of Nigeria that have turned the National assembly to a retirement home in order to keep enjoying and benefitting from money of tax payers. He currently serves as a principal member of the House committee on Sleep and slumber as his one of the primary bench warmers of the senate. His silence in legislative matters and his membership in the opposition party, PDP in his state are the possible barriers to his return in 2019.

9. Sen. Biodun Olujimi: The former deputy Governor of Ekiti state, current deputy minority whip and who happens to be one of the vibrant female legislators in the 8th assembly may not have a chance of returning to the senate come 2019. This is because she nurtures an ambition to succeed governor Ayodele Fayose who is her former boss. However her resolve to run for the governorship has caused a conflict of interest between her and the former boss, who has named his deputy as the sole candidate for the PDP come next gubernatorial election. The clash has made her turn against the governor, and there is every possibility that Fayose will frustrate her chance of getting both tickets as punishment for her disloyalty.

10. Sen. Theodore Orji: Being a former governor of Abia state, it is ridiculous to hear that Theodore Orji is one of the brains behind the dilapidated condition of Abia state. He also has a great reputation for being a bench warmer in the red chambers. Rumours have it that he is in a battle feud with his successor at the Abia Government house, and if the battle drags on till the next election, He may be retired from the red chambers. Another reason he may not return is political awakening that is happening in his constituency. Possible lie that he may not be reelected due to his current underperformance and poor representation.

11. Sen. Rafiu Ibrahim: Sai Rafiu as his sycophants often cheer him at the Kwara South may not stand a living chance to return to the senate in 2019. This is because, his constituents are really angry for his poor performance as a legislator, and the fact that he has no major contribution at the National assembly and even the senatorial district. He is also one of the Kwara senators that has been threatened with initiated recall. If the anger of the people finds a good standpoint, his 2019 return is on a brink of collapse.

12. Sen. Osinakachukwu Ideozu: Ideozu is one if the primary beneficiaries of the Wike led Government of Rivers state, haven benefitted from the mass rigging that enveloped the Rivers State elections. He is the only PDP senator from Rivers state, and rumour has it that thr APC plan on ransacking and taking over the control of the state in 2019. If that comes to pass, a strong contender would be leveled against him, and he may never stand a chance of returning to the red chambers in 2019, unless perhaps, the Wike Dynasty comes to his rescue a second time.

12. Sen. David Mark: It seems like David Mark is best a legislator when he is the president of the senate. After the ruling APC took over in 2015, Sen. David Mark’s relevance in the house to the downward slope as he currently chairs the ridiculous house committee on sleep and slumber. After a very narrow win against the APC first timer, Com. Dan Onjeh after rerun election was conducted in 2016, rumours have it that the first timer would be retiring the old and experienced senator come 2019 for failure to perform credibly.

Ultimately, 2019 election would be hot and fun because a lot of dramas shall be played, a lot propaganda, and a lot of petitions. We are all eager.

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