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2019 World Cup: 15 Little Known World Cup Records Set Or Attained By Africans



African Teams world cup
African Teams world cup

African Teams

Five African teams would represent Africa at the 2019 World Cup which starts tomorrow. Since Egypt (1934) became the first country from Africa to play at the World Cup, teams from African have continued to set new records.

However, many of these records are a tad on the negative side. Basically, not something to be proud of.

Nigeria, Senegal, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco would, for the next two weeks at least do their best to add to Africa’s mark at the world stage. Hopefully, the new records set by the African teams would all be positive.

Nigeria News present some of the ‘World records’ exclusive to teams on the continent set over the years.

1. Oldest player to score at the World Cup

Roger Milla of Cameroon became the oldest player to score at the World Cup. He was 42 years and 8 months when he netted for his country in the match against Russia at the 1994 World Cup hosted by the United States of America

2. Youngest Player in qualifying matches

Souleymane Mamam of Togo is the youngest player to feature in a qualifying match in World Cup history. He was just 13 years, 310 days when his country played Zambia on the 6th of May 2001.

3. Penalty spot hat-trick in a single match

The record belongs to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang of Gabon.

In June 2013, he scored 3 penalties in a qualifying match against Niger.

4. Worst host nation

South holds the record for the worst World Cup result for a host nation in a tournament.

At the host of the 2010 tournament, the South Africans were eliminated in the first round. The 4 points they got from 3 matches was not enough to see them through to the second round of the competition.

This record could also be interpreted as the only host nation in World Cup history not to go beyond the group phase.

5. Biggest margin of defeat

This unfortunate record belongs to DR Congo.

Known as Zaire in 1974, they were defeated by Former Yugoslavia 9-0. Though there have been higher score lines, the 9 goals margin of defeat is the highest so far in World Cup History.

6. Longest gap between successive appearances

Egypt holds the world record for the longest gap between two appearances in World Cup history.

In 1934, the Pharaohs became the first African nation to participate in the competition. But it took them a whopping 56 years before they made it to their second World Cup in 1990 hosted by Italy.

7. Longest Span of World Cup appearances for players

Two players from Cameroon jointly hold this record.

Rigobert Song of Cameroon played in World Cup tournaments spanning a period of 16 years: 1994 – 2010.

Samuel Eto’o is the other player whose World Cup tournaments spanned 16 years from 1998 – 2014.

8. Most sending off

This is another Rigobert Song of Cameroon world Cup record.

He was shown the red card 2 times. Once in 1994 and again in 1998.

9. Highest age difference in same the same team

Again, this is a Rigobert Song and Cameroon World Cup record.

When Rigobert Song made his debut World Cup appearance in USA 1994, he was 17 years 358 years old. The oldest player in the squad was the legendary Roger Milla. He was 42 years and 35 days.

The age difference between the two was 24 years and 42 days.

10. Most suspension in a single World Cup tournament

Cameroon again with 2 suspensions.

This time though, the player suspended 2 times was Andre Kana-Biyik in the 1990 tournament in Italy.

11. Longest suspension

The ignominious record belongs to Ndaye Mulamba of DR Congo playing as Zaire then.

In that heavy defeat against Yugoslavia, he was send off for kicking a referee. FIFA suspended him for one year.

However, replays showed it was a case of mistaken identity. The real culprit who kicked the referee up his butt was Mwepu Ilunga. But FIFA refused to change the decision after being made aware of the referee’s error.

12. Fewest goals scored

DR Congo as Zaire share this record with 6 other countries. Zaire ended the 1974 tournament without scoring a goal.

13. Fewest goals conceded

The short answer is Angola. 2 goals.

Angola qualified for their first and only World Cup in 2006 held in Germany.

Though they exited the tournament in the group phase, their tight defense was breached only two times.

14. Most penalties missed

Asamoah Gyan of Ghana holds this unenviable record.

His two penalty misses in regulation time is more than any other player in World Cup history.

The first was the 2006 tournament. He missed a penalty against the Czech Republic.

4 years later in South Africa, he missed another penalty against Uruguay in the quarter-finals. Had he converted it, Ghana would have become the first African country to reach the semi-finals.

Many Ghanaians are yet to forgive Gyan for that miss.

15. Largest goal margin to surrender and draw

This is one record Senegal won’t be proud of. Leading Uruguay by 3-0 in the 2002 tournament, they somehow managed to lose that advantage. The match ended 3-3.

Senegal share the record with the former Soviet Union who ended up drawing 4-4 against Columbia after being 3-0 up in 1962.

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