2019: 2 Top PDP Members Defect From PDP To APC In Benue

2019: 2 Top PDP Members Defect From PDP To APC In Benue

Emerging reports claimed that Dr Tehemen Tarzoor and Dr Stephen Hwande, two former governorship aspirants under the auspice of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have dumped the party, while they decided to pursue their political career in the All Progressives Congress (APC).

NIGERIA NEWS gathers that the ruling party has received the two former PDP governorship candidates in 2015, Dr Tehemen Tarzoor and Dr Stephen Hwande into its fold in Benue state.

The development was made public by Sam Ode, a former minister of state for Niger Delta and a chieftain of the APC in Benue state.

Ode in his words, on the other hand, faulted those accusing President Muhammadu Buhari of being behind the killings in the state.

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“Narrowing down the election to Benue state, the party is getting stronger. Just two days ago, we harvested three big fishes from the PDP, two governorship aspirants. Dr Hwande joined us, the same day, Dr Tehemen Tarzoor, who was the candidate of the PDP in 2015 elections, joined us too.

“We also opened talks with another big fish but because it has not been concluded I will not like to mention the name now. We are consolidating and we believe that we will win at the centre and we will also win in Benue State here.

“The killings in the state are unfortunate because lives of people cannot be quantified. We totally condemn the killings. We are happy that the situation is getting better. What is important now is to demobilise the people who have been displaced from their ancestral home as a result of the attacks. We want to restore them back so that they can live a worthy life.

“We don’t want to bring party politics to the killings that have taken place in the state. President Buhari is a man of patriotic zeal. He will never have anything to do with the killings. I say this without fear or contradiction. This matter is not of APC or PDP or any other party but it is a security issue that all of us, irrespective of political platforms we come from, need to collectively work together to stop.”

“We all know that the country today is gripped with security issues; people have been displaced as a result of Boko Haram (insurgency) in many local government areas. Asking people to come out en masse and queue to vote in such places can become a huge challenge and where one person is killed in such a situation, the whole thing will become counterproductive,” Ode added.

In an earlier report, NIGERIA NEWS had reported that President Buhari received his nomination form for 2019 presidential election at Villa, Abuja, (video).

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