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3 Easy Ways To Maintain A Good Reputation

These are 3 easy ways to maintain your reputation


3 Easy Ways To Maintain A Good Reputation

These are 3 easy ways to maintain a good reputation, both online and interpersonal. This could work for any range of people or purposes ranging from friends, workplace, brands, businesses, celebrities, public figures, thought influencers etc.

How To Maintain A Good Reputation

Have you ever known some personality or celebrity and feel like they have such a perfect and clean life without blemishes? Then all of a sudden a big, nasty saga comes along and that reputation takes a big dent. Maybe the names Bill Cosby or Tiger Woods sound familiar here.

Or a startup or company that seems never to do anything wrong is suddenly in the midst of a PR crisis and its reputation is fast dwindling. Well, it’s not easy to keep such a squeaky clean reputation especially in a world where social media makes continents seem like a little county and word travels fast (ditto Adesua and Banky W).

So when you find yourself sliding down that slope of negative public perspective and it seems you are travelling so fast that tomorrow the only thing people will know about you is how you went from hero to zero. These are some handy tips to repair a dwindling reputation.

Craft how you want to be seen

This is basically a leaf from the “Attack is the best form of defence” book. It is easier to consciously determine how people see you or your brand than to wait for the positive reviews to flow in or worse still, try to arrest a reputation on the decline.

Set a goal of how you want people to see you and with personal strategies work towards achieving that. Having a game plan that includes personal branding, social media marketing and public relations is foolproof to forestall any reputation decline.

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Research and take responsibility for your past

It is pertinent to know here that no one was born with a reputation. We all work and toil for it for years. For a company or a public figure, the public can attest to your excellent service delivery or your impeccable character and thus why you are reputable.

For an individual, your reputation is not built in a day but over months or years of behaviour which people have noticed and hence your reputation for being friendly or faithful or hardworking. So when you find your reputation dwindling, always do your research to know what exactly is hurting it and take responsibility for it. With one misdeed, people’s whole perspective of you will not change.

There is usually the conflict of the brand or the personality they used to know. So it’s best to find out what went wrong, take responsibility for it and address it effectively. With that, you portray command over the issue and the promise of a return to the brand they know. The public will pass it off as a fluke.

Do not do retaliatory attacks

So it happens that sometimes a smear attack is directed towards your person or brand and your reputation is taking a hit. Or someone gives a negative review of your services. The next instinct is to attack back with sensational releases/news, awards or positive reviews?

No. Ideally, take a step back, you do not want such online reputation. At best, what that would do is make the negative review more prominent in search engines. You should control your own response mechanism, strategically redirect public attention and revert to steps 1 & 2 above.

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