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3 Easy Ways To Stay Motivated



These are 3 easy ways to stay motivated

3 Steps to Staying Motivated

When it comes to achieving a goal, the hard part is often starting at all. Be it either buying that dream house, taking that summer-long vacation or shedding those overweight pounds, it is quite hard to just put in the work to start. But one thing that is harder than starting is to continue going. The discipline and determination required to keep denying yourself of the weekly treat in order to save up for that dream house or vacation or to ignore that cheesy meal at your favourite Italian restaurant determine if you’ll achieve your goals or not. So how do you stay motivated?


Staying Motivated: 3 surefire ways to.

Motivation is the energy that drives discipline. Discipline and determination are the things that keep you on the right track, motivation keeps you moving at all. Motivation is what makes you not to stay in the rut caused by setbacks. These then are ways to make sure motivation keeps burning in you:

  • Remind yourself of your goals: This is essential to making sure you keep going. It is not impossible that we lose track of what we are doing and why we are doing it. It is why constant reminders of our goals are important. Remembering the reasons you decided to do it and also visualising the end product of achieving it are two ways of doing this. It could be as simple as writing down these goals and pasting it on your fridge or occasionally driving past that replica of your dream house. Either way, you are sure to always have your goal in mind and also have a picture of where it all ends. You’ll always be prepped up to keep going.

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  • Break it down: Most times our long-term goals are not set on a smooth and straight path. They are a combination of smaller objectives, targets and happenstances, so achieving them all at once is not always possible. Thus, break down your goals into smaller, realistic and time-bound targets and work away at them bit by bit. This way, you set up checkpoints to assess your progress periodically. On completion of a task, learn to reward yourself as this would invariably increase your confidence and motivation to do more. Also, do not be too hard on yourself if you don’t meet up. Rome wasn’t built in a day, just keep going.


  • Plan on how to handle diminishing motivation: It is inevitable that at some point you’ll lose that initial fervour, so why not plan for it? It is not defeatist, it is being proactive. Develop a strategy of how to rein yourself back in when you are losing steam and be open to changing some of your methods. A way to plan this is to hold your goals accountable to people, they’ll provide the motivation and encouragement to keep going when you need it. And don’t worry too much about the things you cannot control, instead, plan to get help along the way. Who says you have to do it all alone?
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