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4 Ways You Can Easily Spot Fake News In Nigeria



Fake news
Fake news

Fake news

In February 2017, Audu Maikori, CEO of Chocolate City, was inadvertently caught in the fake news web. Endemic communal clashes had left a trail of murder, arson, and desolation across Southern Kaduna his place of birth.

The clashes escalated towards the end of 2016. It was a continuation of the decades-long problem between the Hausa/Fulani ethnic group and the Christians of Southern Kaduna. At the root of the clashes is who gets to be the dominant ethnic group in the area politically.

In the heat of the crisis in February 2017, Maikori tweeted that five students of the College of Education, Gidan Waya, had been killed by Fulani herdsmen. All the students were Christians.

His tweet even had images to back up the story.

Passions were inflamed across the country. Reports have it that some people of Southern Kaduna went on reprisal killings on any Fulani person they came across.

It turned out the tweet was incorrect. Checks at the school showed no evidence of attack by Fulani herdsmen.

He was arrested in Lagos over the tweet and transferred to Abuja. Governor El Rufai of Kaduna had ordered the arrest and insisted criminal charges be brought against Maikori.

Maikori later admitted that what he tweeted was fake news and apologized for his error. But the harm was already done.

Just recently, even the respected Premium Times was caught in the fake news conveyor belt. They had published unverified news about Meyetti Allah over the recent killings in Plateau State.

As reported by Nigeria News, Premium Times later apologized and sacked the reporter, Andrew Ajijah, responsible for the misleading report.

These are just two incidences of fake news in Nigeria. The proliferation of fake news in recent times in Nigeria bears striking resemblance to the months leading up to genocide in Rwanda.

Unfortunately, the government is not committed enough to cracking down on the politicians and other vested interests responsible for spreading fake news. Daily, these people are getting bolder in the face of the government’s ineptitude in dealing with the problem.

It is now left to concerned citizens to separate the real news from the outright falsehoods masquerading as ‘news’.

Ways to spot fake news

As we get closer to next year’s elections, more fake news would become part of our lives. And unfortunately, with social media, it is very easy to spread the news around.

Here are some ways to determine if what you read/view online is fake or real

1. Where is the story coming from?

A few months ago, a news story circulated widely that ex-head of state General Gowon had taken to his Facebook page to advise President Buhari not to use corruption as an excuse for non-performance.

A simple check would have shown that nothing like that was posted by General Gowon on Facebook. It was a fake account. But many people believed that story.

So if the story is from social media, it is important to check that it is the real account and not a fake one. A simple search online would clear that instantly.

Most times, verified social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) accounts of important personalities have a blue tick beside the name.

2. Check other sources for the same story

There are some online news outlets that you should never believe their news no matter how plausible it seems. One typical example is igberetvnews.com.

Nonetheless, no matter the website, make sure other reputable websites are carrying the same story. If no trusted outlet reported the story, the news is likely false.

So always look for collaborative stories from trusted websites.

3. Use online tools to verify images and videos

Images and videos most times accompany fake news to give them a veneer of authenticity. But the images are most times faked or lifted from other places and given a new caption.

The most famous in Nigeria are images of Fulani cattle rearers tending to their cows while brandishing AK 47 rifles. These are as false as false can get.

Those images have nothing to do with Nigeria.

To check the authenticity of an image, you can use Google, Bing and Tin Eye reverse image search feature. The feature can tell you where a particular image had been used before or the original source of the image.

Verifying video can be a tad more difficult.

However, InVid is an open source program that works for Facebook and YouTube videos.

Like reverse image search, it would tell you where the videos were first used.

4. Metadata can reveal a lot

Image or video metadata can reveal a whole heap of information about the image or video.

If you can get hold of the original image, the metadata can reveal information like:

  • Where the video or image was taken
  • The date image/video was taken
  • The device used in making the image/video.

However, don’t be surprised if nothing shows up through metadata. Most images or videos uploaded on social media have their metadata erased to avoid detection.

These four verification steps are enough ammunition for spotting fake news. The first three are even enough to help you sift the real news from the lies.

Help stop the spread of fake news by making sure you don’t share any story of doubtful authenticity. Let’s do our bit to make Nigeria a better country.

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JAMB: How to Check UTME Result With Your Registered Phone Number



JAMB result out today Lagos, abuja, Nigeria news, Naija news today, Nigerian newspapers, JAMB, Breaking news on jamb, latest jamb news

UTME 2019: Check JAMB Results Using JAMB Registration Number – This is a detailed guide on how to check your JAMB UTME results; Jamb result which is also referred to as notification of result –

With this guide, you will be able to print your result as soon as JAMB releases the results of your CBT exams. The result will contain:

Name of the candidates

* JAMB registration number

* Candidate’s Date of Birth

* State of Origin

* Exams Number and

* The name of the centre where you sat for the exams

* List of the subjects written and score in each

NOTE: Your JAMB notification of result will not contain your

* State of Origin
* Schools and courses chosen

How to Check JAMB Results Online

Firstly, you will need any of the following to be able to check your score.

JAMB Registration number

Candidate’s email (used for the JAMB registration)

Candidate’s phone Number (used for the registration)

Follow the steps below to check and print your result

Visit JAMB homepage and click on Check UTME Results

  • Or visit the result checking link straight here

Enter any of your JAMB registration number, phone number or email.

Click on check result.

A pop window will open and display the result.

Preview the result and print

Why You Need To Immediately Print JAMB Result

In the past, we have had various remark with regards to JAMB changing the marks of some students after they’d already checked their results. Candidates, who have once checked the results on phones but never printed, later complained of reduction/increase in their scores after rechecking when they were ready to print out.

Most of these cases were confirmed to be true even though JAMB may deny it.

This is why you must check your result as soon as possible. Then, print it and keep your printout for record purpose.

Print Original JAMB Results Online

There’s a big difference between JAMB result (the one discussed above) and the one called ORIGINAL JAMB RESULT.

Original JAMB result will display more information than notification of result. It will further show:

* Passport photo

* Schools of choice and courses chosen

While candidates usually print the JAMB result for about N200 in the local cafes, printing Original result will cost around N1,700. This price change is because original result involves paying to JAMB N1,000 (excluding online/Remita charges). And note that it has to be printed in colour which will increase a café’s service charge.

See how Original JAMB result look and how to print it here

Printing Original JAMB result doesn’t have to be immediately. You will mostly need it when your post UTME registration and school’s admission exercise begins or after being offered admission.

Please share this info from NIGERIA NEWS, it is VERY important for all
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How To Upload Pictures/Videos To Instagram Via Your Laptop




It is customary to upload Pictures and Videos to Instagram through smartphone but what about uploading via your Laptop. Below are some tricks you need to know in order to do that on your Laptop or Desktop, brought to you by NIGERIA NEWS:

  • Open Chrome preferably and browser to Instagram Page and Sign in to your account.
  • Right clicks on any space on your page and click on “Inspect” at the base of the menu that show up due to the right click. ( The page would split into two with the web content on the left side and the code content for the web page on the right-hand side ).
  • Look at the top pane of the code content, you would see a tablet like symbol beside ” Element ”  to the left, click on the symbol ( The left-hand side of the page where there is web content would change and there would appear a pane at the top with the word “responsive” }





  • Click on the “responsive” and a drop-down menu with a different set of phone type would appear, like Galaxy S5, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, iPhone 5/SE, iPhone 6/7/8, iPhone 6/7/8 Plus, iPhone X, iPad, iPad Pro, Edit.

Note clicking on the “Edit” could make you edit and input your device or any device that suit the one you possess.

  • Pick any of the devices from the drop-down menu having clicked on the “responsive” but preferably the latest phone like Galaxy S5 and iPhone or anyone you felt like it’s closest to your phone.
  • On the screenshot above you would see the pane showing the percentage view of the page like in this screenshot above its 100 per cent. Click and change it to “Fit to window”
  • After you’ve done all the above procedure, you would then have a mobile view of Instagram like the one you possess on your Instagram Mobile App as shown below,



  • Then Click on the second symbol beside the one currently with blue highlight and then you would have a phase in which you can click to upload the video.



  • Click on the Upload above and there would appear a ” + ” sign as shown below in which you could click to upload your Videos. The moment you click on the plus sign it would show a dialogue box to browse the folder where you can select your video to upload.



  • To upload your picture, you can click on the upper left Instagram symbol beside the word “Instagram” to obtain the below screenshot and click on the blue  “+ ” sign on “your story” on the profile picture.



  • The moment you click on the blue plus then dialogue would prompt like the one below for you to choose to upload your picture as you do on your mobile app. Select your picture or navigate to the folder where the pictures you want to upload are located, click on the picture once and click on “open” and click on the “Add to your story” at the base of the picture and the picture would successfully upload.




Please share this info from NIGERIA NEWS, it is VERY important for all
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