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Soul Music Is My Thing- Aramide


Soul Music Is My Thing- Aramide

Amidst the increase in sales and trends of commercial music, Soul Singer Aramide has disclosed that nothing can tow her towards the line of commercial music as she likes the genre of music she has chosen.

Soul Music Is My Thing- Aramide


Aramide also revealed that she is not doing badly as she has won several awards with the genre of soul music which she has chosen.

Aramide added that her kind of music is not boring.

“I still get invited to perform at gigs every weekend. I am not sure my music is boring. Soul music is for the mature minds. I don’t make music just for myself. I make music for everybody. What matters most is that people listen to my music. Soul music is not noise music, it is music from the soul,” she said.

Meanwhile, Aramide will be performing at the second edition of the alternative Music Concert in Lagos this month. She added that her music is for persons who will not be interested in commercial music.

Speaking about the projected concert, Collins Akpapunam,  CEO of Efizzi Worldwide Limited, organisers of the show, said his intention in this edition is that alternatives to commercial music should be promoted.

“We want to give people who sing such songs the chance to have a platform to showcase their talents. It is not everybody that loves noisy songs. Some people also love to listen to songs that touch the soul, songs from the heart. That is what the show is all about.”

Other singers that will feature in the show include, MICasa from South Africa, Chinny, Lindsey and Tomi Owo.

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  • Soul Music Is My Thing-1 Aramide
  • Soul Music Is My Thing- Aramide
  • Soul Music Is My Thing-1 Aramide
  • Soul Music Is My Thing- Aramide

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