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5 Proven Ways To Handle Stress

5 Proven Ways To Handle Stress

5 Ways to Handle Stress

5 Ways to Handle Stress

Whether it is at work, at home, school, relationships with others, or even in how people feel on their own, stress is not a new word for a lot of people. People feel stressed when they feel that the amount of pressure that is put on them by other people, circumstances, and even themselves, is beyond the level that they can easily cope with.

While a good amount of pressure can have its uses, such as helping to provide the necessary momentum to complete a task or achieve a set goal, an excessive amount of it, if unchecked, and left to go on for too long, can begin to tell on one’s productivity, health, and even their relationships. People also sometimes put some pressure on themselves in order to become more productive, and then they seem to forget how to do without it, often resulting in undesirable consequences in various aspects of their lives.

Here are five natural ways to handle stress:

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Make Peace With Yourself

One error that can be made when undergoing high levels of stress is to to fail to acknowledge the situation and instead try to continue to attend to everything else as though nothing was going on in your body.

Acceptance of the presence of the situation does not mean surrendering power over it. Rather, when we admit that we are experiencing stress at any given time, it can help activate the body’s natural relaxation response.

Attempting to keep going without addressing the stress can result in even more stress, since this in itself, is another task that is given the brain.

Talk To Yourself

Just as certain chemical reactions can be induced in the brain by deliberately doing some activities, e.g, smiling as widely as you can to trick the brain into releasing hormones that support happiness, saying positively affirmative statements to oneself during stressful times can help break through the mound of pressure.

Take some time to say positive things to your hearing and in time, a calm state will be induced.


Research supports that people who exercise during working days usually record more productivity than those who do not and since the chief cause of stress is the need to be more productive, this could be a gold mine.

Stress causes the muscles to tighten, impeding a free flow of necessary fluids within the body, essentially suffocating the brain, however, what happens when people exercise is that the circulation is improved, making it circulation to be brain easier for improved performance.

Clean Up

While this may easily be overlooked by many as an inconsequential matter of hygiene and organisation, it has also been proven that people work faster and better when they organise their workspace. Working from a disorganised desk, or trying to get anything done within a fuzzy atmosphere can distract one from what actually needs to be attended to, into feeling that the work that needs to be done is more daunting than it actually is.

Taking some time to organise the area and cutting the work into clearer bits can immediately induce a state of improved peace, even before eventually starting on it.

Take A Break

While it may be a useful skill to stay at it until it is done, it will also prove quite useful to take a moment off the stressor(s) and allowing oneself to live away from them before returning to tackle it after a restful time off, doing other unrelated activities, can have a remarkable effect on the quality of work that will be done.

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