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5 Reasons Osibanjo Fired The DSS Boss- Lawal Daura



5 Reasons Osibanjo Fired The DSS Boss- Lawal Daura
5 Reasons Osibanjo Fired The DSS Boss- Lawal Daura

5 Reasons Osibanjo Fired The DSS Boss- Lawal Daura

After the news got out that the Director-general of the Department of State Services (DSS), Lawal Daura has been discharged from duties as the head of the Department by the Acting president, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, many would begin to think that the acting president is getting power drunk.

On the contrary, NIGERIA NEWS thinks otherwise. It may be seeming that Osinbajo may be power drunk to have embarked on such a voyage. To many, How dare he fire the president’s cousin from office in the absence of the president.

NIGERIA NEWS have taken ample time to draw a hypothesis of the possible reasons why the acting president took the humongous step that he did by firing the boss of the department of state services.

Below are the hypothetical reasons;

National Assembly Barricade:

The news all over social media is that Mr Daura ordered the barricade in a bid to prevent some lawmakers from gaining entrance into the premises of the national assembly.

Speculations have it that Lawal Daura had acted on the instructions of the Senate majority leader, Ahmad Lawan of Yobe North to prevent the lawmakers from gaining entrance.

This is believed to be an attempt to aid and abet the ousting of the senate president, Bukola Saraki of Kwara central from his seat of authority.

When the acting president got wind of the information, it was earnest he used his authority to ensure discipline in the government, and the best practical approach was to fire Mr Daura.

Insubordination And “Hobnobbing”:

Based on reports, the relationship between the Senate majority leader and Mr Daura is absurd. For a Director-general who should be answerable to the president or anyone in his stead, it is bewildering that the DSS boss would take any seeming instruction from a high ranking senator.

Information coming from the quarters of the presidency suggests that Lawal Daura had been ordered initially upon realisation to withdraw his men from the gates of the National Assembly but he did not oblige the direct order from his superior.

Aside from that, Nigerians would recall the act of the inspector general of police who was ordered to move to Benue by the president but refused to. One would understand level gross insubordination that is and it seems with the recent conduct of the DSS, this is becoming the order of the day.

To prevent reckless insubordination and the possible occurrence of such an attack on democracy, the acting president may have deemed it right to fire the former boss of the DSS.

2019 Presidency Shot:

It is no longer a new information across the country that President Buhari and Acting President Yemi Osibanjo are running again for number one and two office of the nation come 2019.

Reckless actions like that of the Mr Lawal Daura are capable of undermining a possible success at the presidential election, and as such the best decision to make is to cut cancer out before it spreads to the whole body.

Daura took the fall so that Nigerians may not turn on the president and his entire party, discredit them of competence and consequently vote them out of power.

Need To Assert Authority And A Sense Of Control:

During the first health travel of president Buhari and the subsequent assumption of office by vice president Yemi Osibanjo as acting president, speculations had it that the cabals at the Aso rock seemed to not want to accept the authority of the acting president.

Similarly, seeing the resultant reaction of Mr Daura after his termination, it is conclusive that Mr Daura and the specific camp of the Aso rock do not respect the hierarchy and authority of the acting president.

To send a strong message to that specific caucus or cabals, the acting president may have deemed it necessary to terminate Mr Daura for gross misconduct and disobedience of a direct order.

Radicality Of The Acting President:

During the firing of the former Secretary to Federal Government, Babachir Lawal, it was Prof. Yemi Osibanjo who chaired the investigative panel and he subsequently did the final sacking that the career of the former SGF at the State House.

Relating that to the sacking of Daura, it pertinent that the vice president is a principle disciplinarian, and as such is capable of dishing out radical disciplinary actions against miscreants in the State House.

Similarly, the acting president may be the best sacker of political office appointees at the Presidency, a character believed to be lacking in the president himself.

Summarily, whether or not the Acting President may have acted or reacted in the right direction, it is the candid opinion of administrative observers that it was a good step in ensuring discipline amidst the staffings of the presidency.

Politically, some observers may think it is wrong for the acting president to fire Mr Daura in the absence of president Buhari, but the question that should be posed is “Would Buhari reverse the decision of the Acting President on return from vacation?”

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