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5 Things President Buhari Must Do To Win The Hearts of Nigerians

2019 General Election

5 Things President Buhari Must Do To Win The Hearts of Nigerians

Nigerians nowadays are seriously complaining of the lack of change they are seeing in the President Buhari administration.

There is no doubt that since President Buhari took over, his administration has in a way done some things to improve the well being of Nigerians. But the main thing that Nigerians crave for is yet to be done.

The issue of the terrorists group Boko Haram is far from extinction. Also in the country’s political system, there is said to be massive corruption which has engulfed it.

Importantly, the recent killings of Nigerians by the Fulani Herdsmen is something Nigerians are  not happy about.

All those problems stated above shows the reason(s) why Nigerians are far from happy with President Buhari. For President Buhari to go beyond his tenure next season, he must try to win the heart of Nigerians so that they can vote for him and his party APC.

In this post below, I will be previewing 5 things President Buhari must do to win back the heart of Nigerians. They include:


  • Providing Constant Electricity Supply

Providing constant electricity supply will be all means win the heart of majority of Nigerians. For those who uses light on a daily basis, either to work or for personal use, will appreciate the development if President Buhari does it.

With a view to other governors who promises constant electricity supply but fail to implement it, if the president can do this, then he is sure to receive praises from Nigerians.


  • Ending the terrorist group Boko Haram

Since the terrorist group in Nigeria classified as Boko Haram has caused several damages to homes and sadness to Nigerians, stopping Boko Haram is sure and definite way of winning Nigerians heart ahead of next year general elections.


If President Buhari can’t stop Boko Haram from carrying out their plans, limiting them would also make Nigerians love him the more.


  • Providing adequate security in the country

Killings nowadays are getting out of hand and families are not happy. When there is adequate security provided, there will not be killings in the country. The country therefore would be peaceful and this will make Nigerians happy and have the courage to vote President Buhari again in 2019.


  • Foreign exchange rate

Naria to dollar is very high recently. Recall that president Buhari complained about the increase in the exchange rate during the reign of Goodluck Jonathan.


Now that he has gotten into power, the exchanged rate has increased twice from the past regime. Reducing the foreign exchange rate will win president Buhari majority of Nigerian hearts.


  • Restoring the homes of Internally Displaced Persons(IDP)

The results of war makes people flee their homes to other places in search of alternatives. Several people in the Northern region of the country have been tagged homeless because of the killings and fighting near their homes or villages.


The restoring of the homes of the internally displaced persons will be a great way of winning the heart of Nigerians.


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