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7 Things We Can Learn From Wizkid First Baby Mama Rants On Social Media



Wizkid baby Mama, Ogundugu Oluwanishola, the mother of the his first child and son has been ranting lately on social media, precisely on Instagram that popular Nigerian artiste, Wizkid has not been present in their Son’s life and showed some nice evidence to prove herself.

Ogundugu Oluwanishola also shared numerous screenshots of various text messages between herself and the popular Nigerian artiste. In one text, it simply states that you need to start acting like a mum and decent mother and stop throwing yourself over here. Also, adding that, if you don’t want to have sense, think of your son and child.

In this article, you would be educated on some things we can learn from regarding the rants made by Ogundugu Oluwanishola. They include:

  • Pretending to live a good life

Most of us live fake lives as we don’t really show our true color in the outside world. One of the major things she wrote was he never wanting to do anything for her and her son.


  •  Avoid Insults and Words you will regret later

Insulting people is really a bad thing especially those who are close to us. Insulting and using bad words are easy to say but can you cope with it later.


  •  Think of others as you think of yourself

You should think of others just as the way you think of yourself. You don’t only care for yourself but people around you. This was what Wizkid first baby mama failed to do. She did not consider Wizkid reputation as a singer before she went about making that rant all over social media

  •  Justifying your Responsibilities

As a lovely father, you don’t hide from your responsibilities; you make sure you take care of your family.


  •  Avoid collecting gifts after presenting them

Wizkid baby mama also claimed he collected gifts he presented to her earlier. This is one of the most irritating things one can do.


  •  Show Love first to your family

Many of us fail to this a lot, we prefer showing love to our boyfriends and close friends before our family, which is not encouraging at all.


  • Saying the truth at all times

Like they say, truth is bitter, you shouldn’t be scared to say it, even if the person has huge legacy. It does not seem that Wizkid first baby mama was telling the truth.


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