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7 Things You Do Not Know About Aretha Louise Franklin


7 Things You Do Not Know About Aretha Louise Franklin

Aretha Louise Franklin was on March 25, 1942 born in the city of Memphis, Tennessee. She is regarded as a gifted singer and pianist, she toured with her dad’s traveling revival show and later landed in New York, where signed with Columbia Records.

Aretha Franklin musical blessings became noticeable at an early age. Mostly self taught, she was known as a child prodigy where she started singing in front of her father’s congregation who was a pastor then. She went on to produce numerous famous singles, which are now considered classics.

It is reported by various sources that she is very ill and has called for close individuals to visit her at her bedroom. Friends and family members are invited and this brought an alarm to everyone who is aware about her condition.

There is basic information’s you might not know about Aretha Franklin, who is regarded as the queen of soul. There would be at least 7 things you would get to know and it will be listed below:

  • In the year 1961, Aretha Franklin had a spouse called Ted White, who was her manager early in her music career. They later separated in 1969. Then, she got married again in 1978, to Glynn Turman. This marriage lasted more than the first one, she divorced him in 1984.


  • Aretha Franklin presently has four children though with different father’s. Clarence and Edwin Franklin who were the firsts were both born in the 1950s where she was a teen; Ted White Jr., was born in 1969 that was fathered by Ted White and Kecalf Cunningham, who was fathered by Ken Cunningham.


  • She has won a total of 18 Grammy Awards during a half century music career. Franklin first chartered in 1961.


  • In the year 1987, she was the first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


  • Her first hit single was in 1967 titled I Never Loved A Man, The Way I Love You.


  • In 2009, she produced My Country Tis of Thee. It was in the period when President Barrack Obama was inaugurated.


  • Franklin was given the Honorary Doctorate in Music from Yale University in 2010.

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