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It’s no more news that 2019 elections are fast approaching and its only a matter of time before the long queues at the polling booths begin to appear again. Nonetheless, there are great possibilities that many political office holders hope to return to their offices come 2019.

However , a good number of current serving governors do not stand a chance. I have made out a list of eight serving Governors who surely don’t have a constitutional privilege of returning back to their respective Government houses and who rumour has it that they nurture new political ambitions amidst others.

Below are some of them;

1. Gov. Tanko Al-Makura: Al Makura currently serves in his second term at the apex helm of affairs in Nassarawa State. He gathered a massive support under the umbrella of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) that brought him to power in 2011 and had a rerun for second term under the All Progressive Congress (APC) that brought him in 2015. He is often addressed as a charismatic leader who had made serious efforts to touch the lives of Nassarawa citizens and residents. He had managed to achieve a lot for his people despite stringent economic meltdown in the state. Rumour has it that he may eyeing a seat at the National assembly upper chambers. But then, we’re still expectant.

2. Gov. Rochas Okorocha: After a successful mandate in 2011 under the stables of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA), Rochas had a massive support to rerun for a second term under the All Progressive Congress (APC) as Governor of Imo State. Within his two terms, he had been able to build on the legacy of his name and improved the lives of many in Imo. He has however been criticized by opposition as a deceptive leader. He has also been on social media tantrums for ridiculous appointments including the funny office of the commissioner for Happiness and Family Fulfilment. He also had alot of issues on social media for mounting statues of leaders such as Jacob Zuma of South Africa. Rochas used to eye the apex seat of the country, Presidency, but rumour has it that he’ll be relaxing a bit after the governorship before thinking of his next political agenda. Let’s just hope so. We know politicians would always be Politicians.

3. Sen. Ibikunle Amosun: After aspiring for Governorship in 2003 and giving up on it, and thereafter finding his way to the senate, before making a ceremonious entry to the Government House of Ogun State in 2011, Sen. Amosun has managed a good reputation as an Icon in Ogun State politics within the last decade. He currently serves his second term as Governor of the state, and come 2019, great tendencies lie that the Senator would making a return back to the red chambers of the National Assembly. Let’s keep our hopes up that he makes it.

4. Gov. Abiola Ajimobi: Under the stables of ACN, Ajimobi was among the few Governors that helped the ACN emerge stronghold in the South West zone of the country in 2011 when he emerged winner of the gubernatorial election. In 2015, He got another mandate for a second term under APC, and had achieved quite a lot in office. He has also faced some social media banter after his ridiculous remarks at LAUTECH some months back. Rumour has it that he is also eyeing a seat at the red chambers of the National Assembly.

5. Gov. Ayodele Fayose: Fayose remains one of the most controversial opposition governors Nigeria has ever had. He has however made himself a good name as a critic of the APC Government. After battling impeachment during his second term as Governor of Ekiti State, He made a huge return in 2015 and ousted an incumbent Governor now minister out of office. He has however declared his intention to run for the presidency in 2019 and is surely not returning to the Ekiti State Government House.

6. Gov. AbdulFatah Ahmed (Maigida): After succeeding the current president of the senate as Governor, Maigida had managed through first term, and currently serves his second tenure under the stables of the APC. He is amongst the few governors Kwarans would rate fair. He has however managed a good reputation for himself as the governor that gave massive support to youths in the state. At the moment, no one knows what the next political ambition of Gov. Ahmed is, but many are thinking that he too may be eyeing a seat at the National Assembly.

7. Gov. Kashim Shettima: Being a Governor that assumed office amidst crisis and insurgency in Borno state, Gov. Shettima has managed a good reputation as the governor that liased with the Federal Government to curtail and manage the insurgency in the state. He currently serves his second term, and has an unknown political ambition, but our suspicion is that he too eyes a seat at the senate.

8. Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola: Being a radical and stubborn governor, Aregbesola has managed a good reputation for himself as the no nonsense governor. He is known and popular for his strictness and dogmatic straight forwardness. He currently serves his second term as Governor, and has no obvious Political ambition come 2019.

These are the few Governors that are certainly (100%) not going to return to office 2019. Their political ambitions are also not surprising if it turns out to be true. Most serving Governors often eye presidency and senate as their next line of ambition. Lets just hope they do not become over zealous with them.

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