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Are We Really Safe?

Are We Really Safe


Are We Really Safe?

Security agents generally are known to be respected and faithful persons who will see to it that lives and properties are secured even to the detriment of their own lives.

Security personnel are selfless people and everyone always admires the uniform but not everybody has what it takes to wear one.

Are We Really Safe

Nigerian Security Personnel

Only the brave fits.

Recalling three specific events in the country that happened just last week brings the question of whether we are still safe or not in our country Nigeria?

Recall The Unilorin Student Issue

A girl who was allegedly blackmailed by her friend on Instagram. the security personnel while interrogating the victim said he escaped.

Escaped during interrogation… this is serious.

Recall the Gunmen Who took over a community as well as the Police Station too.

The Security operatives stated that they were caught unawares. How, are we suppose to go to sleep as civilians today when the security operatives are also been killed and caught unawares too by Gunmen.

Recall three aides of a Cattle breeder that was killed

Aides are expected to protect the life of their owners but the reverse is this case as both the breeder and the Aides were killed in Bayelsa State.

It brings the question back…Are we safe?

Certainly, District heads, NDLEA Officials and Members of the House of Assembly are expected to be protected at all times by security operatives. however, these persons are been attacked today and even killed despite the fact that security operatives are present.

Recall the Following events;

Gunmen Kill 3 NDLEA Men On Patrol In Kogi

Just In: Gunmen Kill Two Adamawa District Heads

Just In: Senator Ayodele Arise Abducted By Gunmen

There is also a new campaign on Social media #endsarsnow. SARS are supposed to be security operatives known to have been fighting crime but the public is demanding for an end going by the recent claims from members of the public as regards their conduct.

Security Operatives are meant to protect our lives as citizens but with these and much more, it seemingly looks like there is a loophole in certain things they ought to be doing.

It has deteriorated to a point today that security operatives are even caught aiding and abetting crime in the country.

The government should take note of this and Nigerians should also be on the watch with one eye opened as closing the two might cause loss of a life or even a security operative.

Let us watch our backs as we hope that normalcy returns to our security units soon.





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  • Are We Really Safe
  • Are We Really Safe

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