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BBNaija: 10 Relationship Lessons To Learn From Disqualification Of K-Brule Khloe

BBNaija: 10 Relationship Lessons To Learn From Disqualification Of K-Brule Khloe

Big Brother Naija 2018 - BBN 2018

BBNaija: 10 Relationship Lessons To Learn From Disqualification Of K-Brule Khloe

BBNaija: 10 Relationship Lessons To Learn From Disqualification Of K-Brule Khloe

BBNaija: 10 Relationship Lessons To Learn From Disqualification Of K-Brule Khloe

It is no longer news that the duo of K-brule and Khloe has been disqualified from the Big Brother Naija, Double Wahala 2019 edition after earning 3 strikes – A set of warning that after it reaches 3 warnings, the contestant involved would be automatically disqualified from the house.

I am very sure that a lot of us would not have been too surprised about this disqualification as you would agree with me that the pairing of K-Brule and Khloe popularly known as K-Square was just a ticking time bomb waiting to happen.

Anyway, here are the relationships and life lessons learned and I hope you share similar thoughts as well:

1. Run away from toxic relationships before it destroys you:

No matter how sane you intend to stay in that relationship, a toxic relationship will never keep you sane. Instead of looking for how to create an avenue for peaceful co-existence between yourself and your partner, just get the hell out!

It has been said so many times, and now it is obvious from what we all saw in the Big brother house, a toxic relationship will DESTROY YOU! Get out Now!

2. Emotional Abuse is a killer

So now you know what emotional abuse can do to you. Right?

Of course you know who the emotional abuser was and what it led to eventually! All the lessons are just there for everyone to see. I’m sure when the realization of disqualification hits both parties, they alone will be left to ‘rue their chances’.

The really stood a chance of getting to the finals, didn’t they?

3. Attitude is everything

Being emotionally unstable is not a thing of the ladies only. A lot of guys are even worse. K-brule seemingly was the emotionally unstable guy and Khloe was the uncouth, and terrible lover. You can as well see the combination as being crazy and dangerous.

The moment you realize that your partner needs help emotionally and you cannot help, then refer him to professional counselors or psychologists who can. Why rub it in when you know your partner is in a situation and needs to be helped? You are not just helping the relationship but destroying it.

4. Relationships have rules, stick by them

Support your partner, help him/ her, love him/ her as much as you love yourself. These are basic relationship rules that should be adhered to and unfortunately, K-Squared failed in this regard, now see where it has gotten them.

Need I more say more on relationship rules?

5. Being selfish is harmful

If you are selfish, then you are not worthy to be called a lover, a partner or to be in a relationship. Relationships are for people who are not perfect but have come together as one to build perfection. You cannot be selfish as a single and get into a relationship and still be selfish. The results are sad and damaging because instead of supporting the relationship with your selflessness, you are taking advantage of the other to destroy than build.

6. Be Supportive

This cannot just be overemphasized. Being a support system to your partner goes a long way. Look at the team #Mina- Nina and Miracle, as relegated as them seem in the eye of the housemates, Nigerians think otherwise and that was the reason for the highest votes in the house.

Doing right by your partner is such a big deal because it not only shows that you stay true and dedicated to your relationship, but is paints you in a good light and gives your love life the avenue for growth. It was obvious that K-Brule and Khloe never really cared for each other and never had the goal in mind, if they had they would have worked on their differences and supported each other to the end.

What did they say about relationship that builds foundation on support. Anyone?

7. Never ever disrespect your family!

Never ever bring your parents into your relationship fights. What for? Why? Do you need to do that? Relationships are about two mature people, if you cannot deal then why enter into the partnership in the first place? You both needs to recognize that the relationships are all about you and not your immediate or extended family, so you need to create a gap and respect each other extended family space.

You should NEVER DARE to disrespect your partner’s family. It shows lack of depth and mutual respect not just for the extended family but for each other.

8. That brings me to mutual RESPECT

In as much as loving relationships are about bringing all our love, silliness and pettiness to the table, there should also be avenue to have mutual respect for each other and one another. What is a the essence of a fruitful relationship when both partners do not have respect for one another and always going for each other’s throat?

It is the way you treat your partner with respect that will make others value your relationship!

9. If you cannot deal with Alcohol, don’t go close

The attitude of K-Brule with Alcohol just seemed like a well scripted movie that will play out its part. It was obvious from day 1 that a lot of the housemates cannot deal with the repercussions of being drunk to stay sane. Why drink too much when you cannot get a hang of yourself? Why destroy a potential opportunity for you to become a celebrity and have a great future because of alcohol.

This is a lesson to all Nigerians who finds solace in alcohol, learn to stop when it is time to. Self-control is KEY!

10. And finally Self-Control

This is better saved for the last, don’t you think?

Do you better if either of both parties had kept shut and dealt with the partnership issues one on one, things wouldn’t have escalated to the point of getting qualified? Two fighting and giddy heads will never breakthrough. if you are stuck in a partnership cum relationship like that of Khloe and K-brule for strategic reasons, then learn to have self-control over mundane issues.

Look at the bigger picture, the possibility of being the WINNER at the end of the DAY!

The ability to deal with a partner’s inadequacies solves a whole lot for budding relationships and this is very well evidenced in the K-Square partnership.

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