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#BBNaija 2019 News & Update 5 On 10/4/2019 For: Miracle

Juliet Ibrahim reveals why Miracle should be evicted

Big Brother Naija 2018 - BBN 2018

#BBNaija 2019 News & Update 5 On 10/4/2019 For: Miracle

BBNaija 2019: Juliet Ibrahim Reveals Why Miracle Should Be Evicted

Juliet Ibrahim reveals why Miracle should be evicted

“The same way you all think and feel it’s normal to insult me over my choice of contestant in the house, this is a reminder that I also have equal rights to insult y’all for your choices! #bbnaija

“Boring people support boring people. Lol Guy just Dey form quiet in d house. He’s boring. Miracle is boring and brings nothing to the table. he’s fake and not being real in the house. He’s two-faced. My opinion #BBNaija

“Bunch of boring, easily misled youth of this generation supporting a fake guy on a game show who’s done nothing special or extraordinary in that house! All of una don craze! I’ll start campaigning for MIRACLEMUSTNOTWIN

“Major shout out to everyone who voted for baby girl @ceec_official we can do better! We will show the world that we are a force to reckon with!!! Women must understand the need to be in control at all times, in all situations; even with their emotions.

“It’s a game show and every single person is entitled to their view/opinion. Why are leeches trolling my page attacking me cus of my choice or views? Shallow minded people. Better get off my page if you have nothing better to tweet at me! Get Guap and spend time on better tins.

Her tweets reads; “Why are people still voting for Miracle? It’s a game show let him step out of his comfort zone. Cee C is giving us Drama and we are loving it! #bbnaija CeeC for the money!!!

The actress also blasted Miracle’s fans who lashed at her for calling him boring.

She noted that Cee-C was dishing out “Double Wahala”, unlike Miracle who is glued to Nina.

The actress in a series of tweets said Miracle is ”boring, fake and does not bring ‘Double Wahala” to the house, the reason he should be voted out.

Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim, who is a fan of Big Brother Naija has called for the eviction of Miracle from the show.

“Lmao so calling someone “boring” is now an insult ? I wonder which school some people even pay and send their children to? Wow I’m baffled at how boring this Twitter is becoming!

“Do you know how many youths in the western world are making money off social media and influencing? Y’all so dumb that y’all stuck and comfortable living as beggars and making do with whatever comes. I have enough time for #cyberbullies wrong person to mess with!”

“These same youth will be begging relatives or boyfriends for money to buy data bundle just to spend time insulting and tweeting. What age was the owner of Facebook when he created it? Why not do something better with your time and lives?

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