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Big Brother Naija 2018 - BBN 2018

#BBNaija, Cee-C & Feminism: The Power Of A Silent Majority Or Societal Hypocrisy At Play



Cee-C of #BBNaija
Cee-C of #BBNaija

Cee-C of #BBNaija

Various reports by Nigeria News show that fans of this year’s Big Brother Naija show, #BBNaija, are still feeling the buzz one week after the show ended. You would be greatly mistaken to believe that a program targeting the youths was watched only by the youths.

From the noise generated while the program lasted, it is clear viewership cuts across all strata of the society. Let’s be honest here, #BBNaija was the biggest TV show in the country while it lasted.

What struck me most about the show though, was the way the public reacted to the antics of Cee-C.

This was a young lady that from the get-go, went out of the way to court controversy. Listening to people talk about her, you get the impression most of them were dying to give her a good thrashing to drive some sense into her.

For the sponsors of the show, participants like Cee-C are the fuel of ratings. They love her type because they keep people talking about the show. Even those who normally don’t watch the show would tune in once or twice just to have a glimpse of the lady.

She was a hit.

The cynics or skeptics would claim #BBNaija organizers must have rigged the voting to keep her in the hose until the final day. Seriously, how could somebody so despise by many viewers last the distance despite being up for eviction a couple of times if the show wasn’t rigged? They’d ask

If the show wasn’t rigged to keep her up to the final day, the answer to that question could lie in a silent majority who secretly cheer on girls like Cee-C but publicly deplore her behavior or support those who do that.

Cee-C’s behavior in the house is the sort of attitude men and women referred to as feminists. In Nigeria, it is general a disaster to out yourself as a feminist.

You would be universally condemned as trying to erode some of the most cherished values of the society with all that feminism thrash talk.

How is Cee-C a feminist you’d ask? Feminists are strong women, with a mind of their own who seek to bring down the existing traditional values that relegate females to the status of second-class citizens. In other words, they abhor the inequality that gives too much advantage to males in the society.

In the #BBNaija house, Cee-C didn’t take nonsense from anybody silently. She stood toe to toe with all comers who tried to pick on her. At a point, she treated one of the housemates, Toby, so despicably people wondered if he was a ‘woman wrapper.’

But in spite of her attitude, Nigerians kept her in the house. The public perception (as a bad, rude, uncouth person) of her did not match the votes she got one bit. From the votes she got, it was obvious a silent majority rooted for her strongly.

She even came close to winning the show. Only fans favorite, Miracle, had more votes than her to emerge the winner.

And the scene at the airport on her arrival back to the country? I rue the day I clicked on that video. That curiosity that prompted me to watch that video must be destroyed by hook or by crook.

I couldn’t believe so many youths in the country had nothing better to do with their time. It depresses me anytime I think about it.

The reception she got from the crowd that waited patiently for her at the airport is the sort reserved for national heroes. It was a complete bedlam as her fans tried to touch or get a glimpse of her. Even the winner didn’t get that sort of reception.

In other words, there is a silent majority of Nigerians who really love feminists as long as the so-called feminists don’t label themselves that way or get in their personal space.

On an online discussion recently, somebody complained about the pains his tenant was making him pass through. The obvious solution was to eject the tenant from his property. But it was that simple or straightforward.

Somebody gave him a novel idea. Simply get married to Cee-C. Though it was sarcasm, the message was clear. A Cee-C type wife would make life so miserable for the tenant he would even pay money to vacate the house.

Men love their women to be strong as long as that trait doesn’t challenge their male ego or their self-importance. We all would hail and cheer a Cee-C, but won’t like her in our personal space bossing our lives.

Take the example of the boss at the office. A male boss can shout and be as rude as much he wants to be. The employees would tag him tough and uncompromising.

If a female boss behaves the same way. She gets lots of derogatory remarks linked to her marital status. If she is married, the snide remarks would include stuff like:

She is like this because her husband doesn’t control her well‘ or

‘I pity the husband. He must be suffering terribly at the hands of this witch

And if she isn’t married, you get to hear remarks like:

She is taking out her frustration on us because she is unmarried.’ or

‘No wonder she is still single. No man is stupid enough to marry a woman with this sort of behavior.’

Judging women this way is not restricted males only. Women are some of the harshest critics of other women. Maybe, they hate it that a Cee-C type refused to meekly accept her place in a male-dominated society like they did.

Call it whatever you wish, this is plain old, unvarnished hypocrisy.

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