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Benue State Governorship Elections Live Update As Ortom Leads



Elections: NBC Warns Broadcasters Against Announcement Of Results

Governor Samuel Ortom has extended his lead in the Benue State governorship election.

Ortom is still leading Emmanuel Jime of the All Progressives Congress with 82,682 vote margin in 22 local government areas announced so far.

Only Koshisha Local Government result is still being awaited.

Benue Guber Results.

  1. Ogbadibo
    APC 9018
    PDP 8518

  2. Oju
    APC 19061
    PDP 13110

  3. Obi
    APC 9696
    PDP 9055

  4. Ohimini
    APC 8470
    PDP 7304

  5. Logo
    APC 4552
    PDP 30152

  6. Gwer West
    APC 7292
    PDP 14375

  7. Gwer East
    APC 14582
    PDP 19596

  8. Agatu
    APC 7538
    PDP 9935

  9. Ado
    APC 7711
    PDP 7258

  10. Ushongo
    APC 14589
    PDP 22351

  11. Vandeikya
    APC 18752
    PDP 27113

  12. Apa
    APC 8460
    PDP 8429

  13. Ukum
    APC 11725
    PDP 22540

  14. Buruku
    APC 13215
    PDP 28223

  15. Makurdi
    APC 35998
    PDD 29232

  16. Guma
    APC 8869
    PDP 28480

  17. Gboko
    APC 28540
    PDP 36186

  18. Katsina Ala
    APC 21614
    PDP 17180

  19. Otukpo
    APC 21530
    PDP 12903

  20. Tarka
    APC 16919
    PDP 2975P

  21. Kwande
    APC 22783
    PDP 29048

  22. Okpokwu
    APC 8297
    PDP 8372


APC 297,668

PDP 380,350

DIFF: 82,682

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How APC hired an Israeli based firm for elections – Frank



Timi Frank accuses APC

Comrade Timi Frank, former assistant National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressive Congress (APC), applauded a press release by a U.S based agency – the Digital Forensic Research Laboratory of the Atlantic Council.

The US firm had revealed ‘Archimedes’, a political consultant firm in Isreal role in spreading fake news through the social media about PDP Presidential Candidate – Atiku Abubakar.

Facebook expelled Archimedes from the network on Thursday due to its “coordinated and deceptive behavior”. The popular network also removed dozens of accounts and thousands of facebook pages that are created to disrupt elections in Countries in Africa, with a few sparse exercise in East asia and South America.

In response to the ban, Mr Frank, through a comment on Saturday,  said the world would eventually realize all the lies behind Gen. Muhammadu Buhari’s proclamation as the victor during the last election.


One of pages removed by Facebook on Thursday, as revealed by Frank, was loaded with viral false news and targeted attacks on Abubakar, Nigeria’s former vice president.

According to Timi Frank, the report reads:

“that on the overall, the misleading accounts had reached some 2.8 million users, and the pages had engaged over 5,000 followers, according to Facebook’s estimates.”

After praising Facebook, He went on further to say:

“Nigerians ought to be worried about how the APC-led government is spending huge amount of money just to discredit the rightful winner of the 2019 presidential election, Atiku Abubakar.

“I believe that if a lie goes on for 20 years, truth will definitely catchup with it one day. It will not be long before Nigerians will realise how desperate and fake President Muhammadu Buhari is in his bid to hang onto power.”

The political nationalist called on the rest of the world to acknowledge the press release of the Associated Press as well as the resulting damage accomplished in the last election to Nigeria’s second largest party and its presidential nominee.

He said:

“The AP’s report has clearly shown the level of lies sponsored against Atiku during and after the last general election. The campaign of calumny has not stopped but Nigerians should henceforth disregard malicious reports in the social media against the former VP,” 

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INEC set new dates for Kogi, Bayelsa governorship elections



The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) have announced that the staggered governorship elections in Kogi and Bayelsa state earlier slated to hold November 2 have been postponed to November 16 of this year.

The commission had earlier announced November 2 for the two sates elections out of the six states who were unable to hold theirs due to the staggered timetable of the elections.

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