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Doctors Protest With Mock Coffin In JUTH

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Doctors Protest With Mock Coffin In JUTH

About 400 Resident Doctors took to the streets today in Jos, Plateau State today protesting with a mock coffin.

The aggrieved doctors who work with the Jos University Teaching Hospital complained about the dictatorial tendencies of its Chief Medical Director, Prof. Edmund Banwat.

Juth Doctors Protest Over Bad Leadership

Doctors Protest With Mock Coffin In JUTH

Resident Doctors protest With Mock Coffin In JUTH

Reports reveal that during the protest, the  Chairman, National Association of Resident Doctors, JUTH Chapter, Dr. Paul Agbo, assembled the doctors at the Pharmacy Checkpoint of the Hospital with the mock coffin.

It was also observed that the Doctors carried placards with inscriptions like “Come and rescue JUTH”, “Illegal sacking by illegal CMD”, “Prof. Banwat, your tenure as CMD is over”, “Rest in peace to the many souls killed by bad leadership”, “Obey Court order”, “Stop illegal sacking of Resident Doctors” and “Vacate office, your tenure is over.”

The doctors generally complained about, “alleged disregard for the order of the National Industrial Court which stopped the sacking of doctors in the institution; planned implementation of no work, no pay policy, contrary to the memorandum of the terms of settlement between NARD and the Federal Government; and exclusion of the names of some staff from the nominal roll for October 2017.”

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  • Doctors Protest With Mock Coffin In JUTH
  • Doctors Protest With Mock Coffin In JUTH
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