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Campaign By Road To See It’s Dilapidated State, Bafarawa Urges Buhari

Campaign By Road To See It's Dilapidated State, Bafarawa Urges Buhari

2019 General Election

Campaign By Road To See It’s Dilapidated State, Bafarawa Urges Buhari

Ahead of the 2019 general elections, one of the Presidential aspirants from PDP, Attahiru Bafarawa have dared Buhari to travel by road for his campaigns.

Bafarawa made this statement in relation to the dilapidated state of the roads in the country.

NIGERIA NEWS gathered this from reports which revealed that Bafarawa told reporters in Calabar, “that it was necessary for anyone who wants to be president to see things as they really are, so they can be moved to do something urgently about them.”

“For someone to be sincere to himself and also to the people he wants to lead he has to be honest to himself and be ready to serve the people. I am aspiring to get the ticket of PDP because I want to serve the people, and I decided not to stay in Abuja or to be flying by air. That is why I spent my time to tour the entire southern and eastern states by road.”

“I can afford to go by air. I can afford to take flights for my campaign but I decided to see things by myself so that if elected I know where I am going to start. I have already put what I want to do on paper.”

“We cannot talk of the economy without good roads. When you expand roads, you expand business and that is the beginning of building an economy in the country. The way and manner our roads are, especially in the south-south and south-east, it is very disheartening.”

“I have seen things by myself and I am challenging all the aspirants who are trying to rule the country to stop flying by air, even the president, who is looking for the second term. He should go by road and see things for himself. I believe any reasonable person or leader who has human feelings seeing the roads of this country, I think it is something to put action into it to make sure the country is being developed,” Bafarawa stated.

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