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CAN Releases Reports Of Death Persons Caused By Fulani Herdsmen In Barkin Ladi

Plateau state killings reports of Barkin Ladi Local government

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CAN Releases Reports Of Death Persons Caused By Fulani Herdsmen In Barkin Ladi

Here is the report released by Christian Association of Nigeria on the recent attacks by Fulani herdsmen in Plateau state, Barkin Ladi local government. The attacks will official said about 80 people were killed in Laid Local government area of the state.

The killings have been condemned by everyone and trends for sometimes. CAN have earlier scheduled July 11th as the protesting day that will visit the National assembly and also some important offices in Abuja for the panned peaceful protest against the cokillingskilligns in general and Chrisitan in particular.

The report by the group on a fact-finding mission was released on 9th of June 2019, and the facts claim that about 233 were killed in the night the suspected Fulani herdsmen attack the community.


Coordinated military-style attacks ravaged 15 communities in some local government areas of Plateau state from 23rd – 24th June, 2019, which resulted to the death of 233 persons with many others injured and several properties destroyed while thousands of villagers were displaced.
Below is the list of districts, communities and people killed in the attack;



Report and data of people killed in Ladi Local government Area Plateau state killings reports of Barkin Ladi Local government



Prior to the attacks, Stefanos Foundation received alarm from various communities, and as usual, sent early warning messages to appropriate agencies of government. But despite the information given to the security agencies, the Fulani Militia still carried out attacks on the communities.
Stefanos Foundation’s fact finding team set out to visit the victims of the ugly attacks in the various affected areas to assess their situation. The team met with the victims (survivors) where they are now taking refuge in about 13 locations. These locations include: CAC and ECWA in Bokkos, with 260 people, Geo-sciences complex in Anguldi, with 3, 061 people, Riyom Community Hall, with 300 people, RCC Fan, with 382 people, ECWA Lawuru, with 452 people, St. John Viani, Barkin Ladi, with 1, 552 people, COCIN RCC Heipang, with 3, 026 people, LCC Ban, with 820 people, COCIN Gasa, with 800 people, Karos Barkin-Ladi, with 132 people, LCC Rampiang, Mangu with 400 people, Dorowa Soho Primary School, with 360 people, bringing the total of displaced persons to about eleven thousand, five hundred and fifteen (11, 515) internally displaced persons. Those that are badly injured are hospitalized in various medical centers in Jos, with their families left to struggle with the hospital bills.
Stefanos Foundation’s Need Assessment team of six personnel, led by Mr. Abraham Hassan (the Administrator) in the company of Mr. Franco Majok and Mr. Joel Vandaspek from Christian Solidarity International (CSI) USA, who were in the country for a visit at the time also visited one of the IDP refuge locations at COCIN Church, Heipang. The representatives from CSI and Stefanos
Fact Finding Report On Barkin-Ladi Attacks, 2019
3 | S t e f a n o s F o u n d a t i o n R e p o r t
foundation spent some time talking with the victims to understand their stories; they also prayed with them. The team was able to provide a token of cash gift to support the victims in the interim for their feeding.
Stefanos Foundation and CSI plan to mobilize more support in the shortest possible time in order to assist these victims.
At the time of this report, our Fact Finding team observed that the affected areas were still vulnerable and insecure. According to them, there were only skeletal presence of security personnel in locations where the IDPs are situated, and attacks on villages are still silently on-going.
They also gathered that some of the communities attacked in the past have now been occupied by Fulani herdsmen, and from their records, over 40 villages have now been completely deserted in Barkin Ladi and Riyom LGAs as a result of the continuous attacks. The locals, who are the inhabitants of these communities have no hope of returning to their homes, rather, new houses belonging to the Fulanis are now sighted to be springing up in the deserted communities.
Fact Finding Report On Barkin-Ladi Attacks, 2019

4 | S t e f a n o s F o u n d a t i o n R e p o r t

Stefanos Foundation observed that this renewed incident of attacks might continue in the same manner if nothing is done to secure the villages, and if so, as the people lamented, they will have no home to return to.

Our team’s interactions with some of these victims are reproduced in this report to demonstrate the feelings and testimonies of the people.

Jerry Dalyop is a father of four (4), a farmer and a native of Exland Village in Gashish district from Barkin Ladi LGA of Plateau State. He narrated his ordeal to Stefanos Foundation as captured below:

“On Saturday, 23rdJune 2019, we were in the room with my family when we heard gunshots everywhere. I immediately hid my children under the mattress; my wife and I hid in the ceiling. Suddenly, about five (5) Fulani men, dressed in black entered our room, broke our door and brought us out from the ceiling where we were hiding.

Two (2) of the men had guns, while the other three (3) had sticks.

They kept communicating with each other in their language. And as we were helplessly listening to them, they suddenly dragged us outside our room and struck us with machetes. They macheted my hand, head and back, while they hit me with sticks. My wife was also macheted on two different places on her head, while her ears and thigh were also affected.
One of the attackers suggested that they shoot me, but another one among them suggested that they leave me to die slowly.
The attackers eventually left, but on their way out, the five (5) of them marched on my back even as I was in pool of blood. My 5 year old son, Paul came out from his hiding, and on seeing my condition, he began to cry, but I managed to push him back into the room. We were later taken to a medical center for medical attention and the wounds were stitched.

Fact Finding Report On Barkin-Ladi Attacks, 2019

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