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Check Out Now: Latest Nigerian Exchange Rates


Check Out Now: Latest Nigerian Exchange Rates

Considering the fact that the economy is striving, and the speed at which the Naira is crashing on foreign exchange scene, Its important for you to keep yourself abreast of all foreign exchange rates in Nigeria to ease your online international transactions and prevent yourself from being cheated by Alhaji Mai Kudi at the Bureau de change outlet you often visit.

Below are the major exchange rates for today the 2nd of March, 2018;

1. U.S Dollar sells at NGN 360.50

2. Pounds Sterling sells at NGN 498.18

3. Chinese Yuan sells at NGN 56.81

4. Canadian Dollar sells at NGN 280.28

5. South African Rands sells at NGN 30.44

6. UAE Dirham sells at NGN 98.15

7. KSA Riyals sells at NGN 96.13

8. Swiss Franc sells at NGN 384.42

9. Euro sells at NGN 442.96

10. Japanese Yen sells at NGN 3.41

Its important to always stay current on your exchange rates. You never know when that visa may click.


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