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Child Abuse: Court Sentences German Couple To 12 Years In Prison Each



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A Southern Germany court on Tuesday a woman and her husband to 12 years in prison each for the years-long sexual abuse of their child, who was offered up for sex with men on the darknet.

The court sentenced the 48-year-old mother to 12 years in jail while her 39-year-old male partner was handed a 12-year term followed by “preventive detention.

The detention could delay the release of the man after serving his jail terms on the grounds that he poses a danger to the public.

The court also ordered the two abusers to pay a sum of 42,500 euros (49,200 dollars) in damages to the boy and a young girl, who were also victims.

The mother’s partner, who already had a previous conviction of serious child abuse, had in June, confessed to the court that he was the “driving force” behind the crimes.

The man pleaded guilty to offences adding that the 100-page charge sheet was accurate, except for a few minor details.

He said that he had put pressure on his girlfriend (the victim’s mother) to allow her child to be raped and abused by men they found online.

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