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Did Wizkid Bring Ducan Mighty To Limelight?



In recent weeks there has been an argument between Nigerian fans on two top Nigerian artistes. The duo Wizkid and Duncan Mighty worked on a new hit song, named Fake love, which has further caused serious argument among their supporters.

Most fans actually has a belief that the recent collaboration between the duo has brought up the almost faded music career of the Port Harcourt based artiste, while some other fans are going with the fact that he Duncan Mighty was famous before Wizkid ever considered music and remains a star afterward.

Well, one could say their is a big gap in terms of their age, as Wizkid just approached 28 while Duncan Mighty is already in his 30s precisely at age 34.

Some fans have also gone on to say that the song Fake Love which was released would have been a hit song without Star boy Wizkid. An article which was posted on Wizkid reviving Duncan Mighty career received some surprising comments. Than to our amazement, that same article became a trend on Twitter for a few days.

Well in this context, the argument between fans over the duo are just being ignorant and sentimental. Wizkid fans will go on to say that he basically brought Duncan Mighty to limelight without having a second thought that Duncan Mighty became famous and started singing for years before Wizkid came to the spotlight.

While some that are Davido fans will deny the fact that Wizkid brought Duncan Mighty to the limelight. Most Nigerian fans do not no that Duncan Mighty is the most featured Artiste of 2019. He has sung with many top artists, not just Wizkid, in fact, he has worked with another famous artiste Reekado Bank on the recent and buzzing hit Bio Bio.

Duncan Mighty has also been located in the studio with Tiwa Savage and Burna Boy which says a song is likely to be produced by the trio.

Nevertheless, Duncan Mighty talent is not overlooked, fans are saying Wizkid revived his career, driving at the fact that he has become more active in the music industry in recent weeks ever since he collaborated with Wizkid.


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