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Edo Governor Swears In 19 Female Aides


Edo Governor Swears In 19 Female Aides

Obaseki Employs 19 Female Aides

The Governor of Edo State, Mr Godwin Obaseki, has appealed to the 19 female aides recently employed by the Edo state government to work assiduously in order to ensure the improvement of the socio-economic conditions of other female folks in the state.

Governor of Edo State - Godwin Obaseki

Governor of Edo State – Godwin Obaseki (right), Special Adviser on Gender, Ms Efosa Uyigie (2nd from right),

with a cross-section of Special Assistants during their swearing in at the Government House,

Benin City, on Monday, December 11, 2017.

Obaseki made the appeal at the Government House in Benin City on Monday when the Special Adviser and 18 Special Assistants on Gender were taking the oath of office.In the words of the Governor, “Women represent 50 percent if not more of our population. There must be more women representation in everything we do if we want progress and development.”

He added that there are several gender-based issues in the state which the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development cannot attend to alone and this has posed the need to appoint the Special Adviser and 18 Special Assistants on gender.

He disclosed that the aides would be reporting their activities to his office on a monthly basis.

Quoting the governor, he said “I need 19 sets of eyes to help me see and identify what is happening with women across the state. Women are powerful economic units and social mobilisers who can change our society. We should create the avenue to reach out to them, know what they are going through and not only to use them for political gains. We need to support them to do more for themselves,

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