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Education Is The Key; Kano Based NGO Enrolls 200 Almajiri’s In Primary Schools

Education Is The Key; Kano Based NGO Enrolls 200 Almajiri’s In Primary Schools

200 Almajiris Enrolled In Primary Schools By A Kano Based NGO 

A Non-Governmental Organisation, Khalifa Dankade Foundation (KDF), located in Kano, has revealed its enrollment of 200 Almajiris in primary schools within the state in the past 24 months.

According to Alhaji Khalifa Mustapha, the Coordinator of the NGO, the organisation has been active in ensuring that Almajiris gained a basic education in the state.



He revealed that Garun Malam and Dawakin Tofa local government areas of the state are the beneficiaries of the programme, noting that the organisation has so far expended about  N3.5 million to provide food, and school uniforms for the pupils.

Quoting Mustapha, he said, “We use public school buildings where the pupils receive both basic non-formal and Islamic Education”. “By the time they spend one year, they would have learnt something which will enable us to enrol them in primary school”.

He further said, “Our aim is to reduce rural/urban drift which causes children to be employed by violent extremists to foment trouble in the society”.

The coordinator speaking further revealed that the organisation is collaborating with the Kano State Government, the State Hisbah Board and the Forum for Quranic Schools Teachers, state chapter of the Association of Resident Doctors and  US Embassy (Public Affairs Department) in order to guarattee the success of the programme.


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