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Ekiti State Election:Chances Of Both APC And PDP In The Forthcoming Election



APC candidates:Dr Fayemi

Ekiti State Election Ekiti State Election

Looking at events leading to the July 14 governorship election in Ekiti State, in the last minute efforts by political parties particularly the APC and PDP to win at all costs and by all means.

The 2019 governorship election in Ekiti State presents an interesting opportunity for more analysis. The election will be interesting in more sense than one than we could of. It is now becoming clearer why the immediate former governor of the state, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, who was defeated in the election that produced incumbent Governor Ayo Fayose, said the 2014 election was an unsettled matter.

To Fayemi, 2019 provides an opportunity for him to settle scores with Fayose and redeem himself of self importance, as a result of him losing the last governorship election.

Though Fayose is not directly contesting the governorship election, the governor has not cloaked his avowed interest in making sure that his deputy, Professor Kolapo Olusola, succeeds him. It is, therefore, as if it is Fayose that is actually contesting the election against Fayemi and others.

Unfortunately for Fayemi, beating Fayose in the forthcoming election will demonstrate an achievement to higher ground. With the information reaching us,lets take look at the chances of both of parties into winning the forth coming Saturday election

Chances of APC in the July 14 Saturday election:

Senator Ayo Arise, on Tuesday expressed optimism that the current crisis rocking the party, not withstanding, APC would still be victorious in the July 14 governorship election.He said the party was determined more than ever to send out the governor Ayodele Fayose-led People’s Democratic Party in the forthcoming governorship election in Ekiti State.

Arise, who represented Ekiti North at the Senate between 2007-2011,said that there is no doubt in any body’s mind that things are not going on well with the party, saying “The earlier we able to put our house in order the better the chances of our party in the election, the situation on the ground is very tense and I believe we are going to Abuja to meet our leader and found out the way forward.

So that this problem would not drag for too long and things we have been fighting against which is the ground norm for corruption, when a person gets into office under questionable circumstances and we condone that , then we have no business complaining about corruption, if we can not do the very minimum that is expected of us as citizens to ensure that the process is fair to everyone, then you have given room for a lot of doubt, questions, misgivings.

For us we want to see real change in our polity, our country and way of behaviors, that is the minimum standard”.Calling on the leadership of the party not to delay in resolving the crisis, by ensuring that sanction is apportioned appropriately and as quickly as possible, Arise said,“ We have competitions in the incumbent Governor that we want to remove and which I believe by the special grace of God, we would remove him”,so he said.

Chances of PDP in the July 14 Saturday election:

Fayose came into Ekiti politics in 2000, not through entrenched politicians or their structures. He went to the grassroots to recruit his foot soldiers. For three years, he was supplying free of charge to the people one of the most essential needs of man the likes of portable water,good roads etc.

He did it in all the nooks and crannies of the state. He was personally visible and accessible to all. He did not go to the high and mighty in the society but recruited those that might be described as the dregs of the society; the wretched and the downtrodden, and the forgotten. Baffled by his humility and love for the downtrodden, these people in turn recruited their friends and relations for Fayose.

 They remain loyal supporters of Fayose till today. They are his political strength, which no other person or body has tried to snatch from him. No politician in Ekiti state has committed as much resources and time to befriending the ordinary citizens of Ekiti state like Ayo Fayose did.
He did not only supply water for free to the people, he also provided free shuttle buses for students of the state-owned university.
He gave free drugs and distributed kerosene to the people. This act of giving has culminated into what is now famously known as the stomach infrastructure programme of the Fayose administration.
All of these combined tips the scale of popular support in Fayose’s  favor and, by extension, his candidate, Professor Kolapo Olusola, is sure to benefit.Mr Bola Bolawole, a former editor of The Punch newspaper and media consultant to the PDP governorship candidate, said: “Professor Eleka has 80 per cent chances against his main opponent in the election, Dr Kayode Fayemi of the APC. As things stand today, Ekiti South is solidly behind Eleka because of the agitation for the next governor to come from the zone.

“The entire Muslim community in Ekiti State is behind the PDP candidate because of the choice of a Muslim as his deputy. In addition to that, the youth and students in the state are in his support because of his age and that of his deputy. Eleka is just 50, while his deputy is 39 years old. On the other hand, Fayemi is about 53 years old, while his deputy is well over 75 years old.

Teachers in the state are also in support of Eleka and PDP in this governorship election. He has brought smile on the faces of many in the teaching profession. The governor has brought glory to the education sector in the state. We are all living witnesses to the fact that Ekiti State is occupying an enviable position on the WAEC table in the last few years. Eleka has turned around the fortunes of the state Ministry of Education which he supervises.

Despite the assurance by INEC that it would not compromise its reputation for integrity, the PDP, the APC and other participating political parties at the poll warned that the governorship poll should be handled fairly by the Commission and the security apparatuses.


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