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Enugu Gets 10 New Registration Centers Ahead Of Elections

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2019 General Election

Enugu Gets 10 New Registration Centers Ahead Of Elections

10 New Registration Centers Approved By INEC For Enugu

10 New Registration Centers Approved By INEC For Enugu

10 New Registration Centers Approved By INEC For Enugu

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) has reported the approval of 10 new registration centers in Enugu State by Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for the ongoing nationwide Continuous Voter Registration (CVR). This was made known by the state’s Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC), Mr. Emeke Ononammadu, during an interview with the news medium in Enugu on Tuesday.

According to him, the new centers are in addition to the eight centers earlier created and been used across the state.

Ononammadu explained that the total of the 18 registration centers excluded the registration centers situated in INEC offices across each of the 17 local government areas in the state, fully deployed for the exercise.

He further explained that the new centers were created in a bid to take away all forms of encumbrances in the registration process. He also added that the electoral body wishes that every eligible person is registered.

The location of the newly-approved centers includes Eha-Amufu, Iva Valley, Emene, Nenwe, Amadim, Awlor, Obinofia Ndiuno, Onoli, Oji River and Awgu while the previous eight registration centers are in Udenu, Igboeze North, Nkanu East, Igboeze South, Udi, Nsukka, Adani, and Enugu East.

He said, “the essence is to make the work considerably easy. I think on that we are doing well. However, the challenge is that every community, including those very close to the registration centers, will want our officers to come to them.”

“There are people who live very far away. These are the areas we go to make things a little easier for residents of such areas.”

Ononammadu commended the commission’s staff mobilized for the exercise saying that they were performing well, “considering the vast areas they cover as well as other issues outside their control’’.

He also added that the electoral body is being considerate in the conduct of the exercise in order to avoid some pitfalls previously noticed in exercises.

“We want to do things we can monitor very well. In the past, there were complaints that people were taking the machines to the houses of politicians.”

“We do not want that to happen and nobody has sent complaints that our people have gone where they are not supposed to be to register people and that gladdens my heart.”

“Normally, the registrations are done in public places where citizens have access to so that you do not end up doing them in places where only one particular party’s supporters will go and register,” he said.

The REC disclosed that its INEC’s desire to achieve a credible voter register but stated that the exercise had not been without challenges. He, however, noted that the challenges are not enough to bring about complaints.

“Most times when you go to those far areas where you are unable to go without a generator, your backup battery may not last to cover a large number of people. We have schedules for our movement which are usually announced to people of those areas.”

“People should register because they want to vote and not because they want to use our identity card for private business,” he said.

Ononammadu stated that Nigerians yearn for a credible voter register is been ready to be fulfilled by the electoral body so as to guarantee credible polls. He said, “Nigerians should commend INEC for taking this bold step and not screaming blue murder due to a very little hiccup without looking at the intention of the commission.”

“This is what the citizens are yearning for and we are giving it to them. It is a national call-to-duty and we must get it right,” he said.

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