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Conflict: Who Will Save The Day The Media Or The People

Conflict- Who Will Save The Day The Media Or The People


Conflict: Who Will Save The Day The Media Or The People

Life is majorly about agreeing to disagree or agreeing to agree as the case may be. This is because we have different individuals living in the world and no two person act or think the same way, not even twins.

Since the inception of the media, the public has relied on her for certain information especially when those things are seemingly sensitive. The media on the other hand according to Lasswell is known for its Education, information and entertainment function.

The media is also saddled with the responsibility of reporting issues of public interest and not just things that are interesting to the public.

Who Escalates Conflict, The Media Or The People

Conflict- Who Will Save The Day The Media Or The People


Hence, when two persons have a disagreement the media is expected to come in by making the public aware of such happenings.

In a bid to bring to the knowledge of the people this information, the media uses several strategies and mediums as well a choice of words.

Just like there are different persons in the public with the different mindset, the media is also made up of different persons with a different mindset too.

This brings the point; reporting conflict from the media is as sensitive as the situation itself as conflict could come to a halt or escalate through this reportage.

One will naturally think that exposing wrong will bring shame to the person involved in the wrong-doing leaving him or her to stop it but reverse is the case when that is applied to situations in the world as several persons result into conflict just because they want their opinions to be heard and the more they get the attention, the more they feel fulfilled.

They are majorly called attention whores. a good example is the Boko Haram Sect in Nigeria. they are seemingly seeking attention and when they are been reported more often they keep striking as they keep getting their desired aim which is attention.

How then should the media come in?

Maiduguri used to be a lively place until the media reported about several strikings of this sect there. In fact, it is so bad that giving a job to a youth with an annual salary of N12million per annum could fall on deaf ears if it is located in Adamawa, Maiduguri or Yobe States.

NYSC now gives members of the corps a voluntary redeployment if posted to those regions.

What then should be the place of the media knowing fully well that they are responsible for developmental communication and reportage and not the other way round?

Johann Galtung says something that in reporting conflict, awareness should not be the point but peace journalism should be the focus.

News generally gains traffic when it is sensational abut since public interest is the point certain things have to be sacrificed for the love of the people.

Journalists will spread more conflict than curb them when prefixes are attached to parties in conflict. some of these prefixes include Fulani Herdsmen, Islamic Sect Boko Haram, Impoverished Southerners, Educationally Disadvantaged Northerners and several others. Anybody could be the above but constant reportage of these events in this way had created an agenda in an average Nigerian.

Another way journalists escalate conflict is when reports are not balanced. recall the Ife crisis that happened just recently wherein the media reported that a number of Fulanis were killed. it brings defeat to the Fulani side and they will also at that report want to fight back just to gain the selfish human satisfaction every natural man desires.

We could go on and on but the point is conflict will keep escalating if journalists continue with the above. in a bid to promote social responsibility, journalists will simply cause more conflicts.

However, on the part of the people, the issue will remain fear.

Yes, Fear. people get scared to report ill happenings around them hereby making it deteriorate into worse events and happenings.

Whats your opinion? who makes conflicts escalate the media or the people?







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  • Conflict- Who Will Save The Day The Media Or The People
  • Conflict- Who Will Save The Day The Media Or The People

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