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Ex Super Falcons Star, Chified Showcases Lesbian Lines On Social Media

Chified Igbo


Ex Super Falcons Star, Chified Showcases Lesbian Lines On Social Media

Former Super Falcons Player, Chichi Igbo aka Chified Might Be A Lesbian, Evidence In Social Media Posts Made Moments Ago;


Chified Igbo

While partaking in the #forthatchallenge which has been trending on social media for some time now, the boyish former Super Falcons star, Chified, posted some interesting lines for the world to see, which apart from being sexually inclined, spark questions about her sexuality.

The lines shared by Chified showcase the things that the star would do for female genitals.

Indications from the way that other females have participated in the #forthatchallenge point out that Chified’s social media posts are suggestive of her being a lesbian.

Other females, when posting in the #forthatchallenge, refer to what they would do for male genitals, but in the posts that Chified shared on social media, the opposite was the case.

See below for pictures of Chified’s shares;



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