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Expert Advises “Sitz Bath” Home Remedy For Treatment Of Haemorrhoids

Expert Advises “Sitz Bath” Home Remedy For Treatment Of Haemorrhoids


Expert Advises “Sitz Bath” Home Remedy For Treatment Of Haemorrhoids

Dr Arikawe Adeolu, a Medical Practitioner, Federal Medical Centre, Jabi, Abuja, has recommended the use of “Sitz Bath” as a home remedy for treatment of haemorrhoids.

Adeolu gave this advice in an interview with NIGERIA NEWS on Tuesday in Abuja.
However, he said that the remedy may not be effective on some degree of the condition, urging anyone experiencing the condition to seek professional medical assistance first.

He described haemorrhoids as a condition whereby the blood vessels around the anus become trombossed; that is they become blocked and enlarge in size making them bleed easily.

He said that the effectiveness of the sitz bath home remedy depended on the degree of the haemorrhoid, stating that the remedy can work for certain degree of the condition while for other degrees it may not be effective.
“This means that if you have haemorrhoids, you should first ensure you are assessed by a medical professional to determine the degree of the condition and available treatments.

“Some haemorrhoids will respond to the sitz bath while some will respond to medication and others will respond to surgery.
“For the sitz bath, you get a basin that is big enough for you to sit in and fill it with water and salt. Ensure you add enough salt until it can no longer dissolve in the water.

“After this you sit down in the water for five minutes. Repeat the process two to three times a day for a week.
“In most cases individuals who use this method experience some level of improvement but also the degree of the haemorrhoids is very important and that will tell whether or not there will be relief of pain.”

Adeolu said that an individual who constantly passed blood while stooling may likely have haemorrhoid, advising that such a person should see a medical professional to confirm condition, state of the condition and treatments available.

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