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Facebook Set To Prevent Suicide Via The Use Of Artificial Intelligence

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Facebook Set To Prevent Suicide Via The Use Of Artificial Intelligence

Facebook Set To Expand Artificial Intelligence To Curb Suicide

The most widely used social media in the world, Facebook has disclosed on Monday that it is set to expand its pattern recognition software to other countries after successful tests in the U.S. to discover users who intend to commit suicide.


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The test of the software was commenced by Facebook in the United States in March as the organisation to scan texts on Facebook posts and comments to find phrases that could be associated with suicide attempt.

The organization is yet to disclose the major technical details of the program, it has revealed that the software tend to search for some specific phrases like “Are you ok?” and “Can I help?”, which could be linked to suicide intent.

The company explain further that If the software discovers a potential suicide, it would notify Facebook staff who are saddled with such responsibilities.

Facebook also disclosed that it would employ the services of about 3,000 people to add to the numbers of staff available who would be responsible for the monitoring of videos and other content.

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