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Gender Equality, Children Upbringing, Crime In The Society

Gender Equality, Children Upbringing, Crime In The Society


Gender Equality, Children Upbringing, Crime In The Society

The move for gender equality in the world led to the employment of women in several nations as the female gender have always been seen as a specie that is to stay at home and be provided for by her husband or parents.

Prior to the women liberation move, females are expected to take care of the house, cook, clean, take care of her husband, satisfy him sexually and bring up the children.

Gender Equality, Children Upbringing, Crime In The Society

Mother and Child in same head gear

The reverse is the case today as the liberation pushed for women to also go to work, head positions just like their male counterparts and even become presidents of countries.

The liberation has its advantages which include right equality, more income for the family, elimination of idleness and much more.

The disadvantage outnumbers it’s advantages. A woman at work could simply bluff taking care of the home and her family some go to extents of not even seeing their children save weekends that is if it is not another period for work.

Househelps have come to play now which sometimes leads to marital break up as the house help tends to give the male at home mre attention than the wife of the house.

Besides the above disadbantage, one thing that is seemingly important have been neglected conciously or unconcioucly with every woman who has that liberation spirit.

And that one thing is the upbringing of a child.

Note that it could be concious when the woman leaves the child to a househelp to bring up and unconcious when the baby is surchanged from the expected meals he/she is suppose to take.

Medical advise these days is that a child should be given breast milk solely for the first six months of living popularly called, Baby Friendly but that is ot the case today as office rules alos do not allow their mothers bring the bab to work therefore leaving the mother woth no choice but resulting into other substitute for the Breast milk hence, surchanging the child.

Exclusive breast feeding in every child has a way of expanding the horizon of a child which several mothers know but since the income is usually the aim mothers have left the basic care a child needs to the ones not really necessary as one is a means to an end. Let me explain, a child who takes exclusive breast-feeding for the first six months is likely to grasp things faster in class than another who does not.

Mothers do not know this and fight to throw their children in school without necessarily checking out the damage that must hve been done to that brain by leaving out Breast Milk from the child’s meal, therefore the means to an end is simply using the exclusive milk feeding to ensure good grades in class and not fighting to get money to take the child to school.

Conciously, the television today has become the teacher for several kids as their parents are seldom at home bearing in mind that kids learn by examples.

Some even result into keeping the child with the househelp whom they know nothing about.

The motherly role in the home today has caused several crimes and wrong activities in the society.

Even in the liberation Mindset, women need to understand that not all jobs suit them.

Women also need to understand that there are some vital things that are unique to the home and can only be done by the mother of the child perfectly.

Women need to make babies enjoy motherhood and not househelphood.

It will be wise that the future is looked at as a lady before picking up the job. The society is dwindling several criminal activities are clouding the place and my proferred solution is still proper home training of kids.

If the kids are not surchanged then they will live right.

I love women liberation too but not at the detriment of building the home which is intandem to the societal building.

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  • Gender Equality, Children Upbringing, Crime In The Society
  • Gender Equality, Children Upbringing, Crime In The Society

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