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Google Chrome To Block Annoying Ads From Febuary Automatically

Google chrome to automatically block annoying ads Nigeria

Google Chrome To Block Annoying Ads From Febuary Automatically

Chrome To Start Blocking Annoying Ads From February

Google chrome to automatically block annoying ads

Google Chrome to automatically block annoying ads

International tech giant, Google, has disclosed that from February 2019, its Chrome browser will automatically block annoying ads that disturb audience user’s surfing experience.

According to them, they will begin to block all ads from websites viewed on the Chrome browser (including its own ads) once the website does not pass Google’s “Better Ads Standards”. This means that websites that display ads that are overly annoying won’t show any ads when the viewer uses Chrome.

The blocker will punish those websites that run ads that don’t adhere to the standards imposed by the Coalition for Better Ads that Google joined earlier this year.

Among the ads to be banned are full-page ad interstitials, ads that play sound automatically, and flashing ads.

Any violations will be reported to site owners, who’ll be able to submit their sites for re-review once the issues have been fixed. If these problems aren’t fixed, the Chrome blocker will block all ads shown on the guilty website until the problems are fixed.

Google told VentureBeat that a single violation will not be enough for a publisher to be “failing” Google’s ad standards. The goal, according to the IT giant is for publishers to display better ads, not for it to remove ads altogether.

Site owners will have a tool; the Ad Experience Report tool at their disposal to see and fix the problems. If the website has a “passing” status, ads will show business as usual. If the status is “failing” for 30 days or more, Chrome will stop displaying ads on that website.


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