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Google Search Records Exposes Wife As Husband’s Murderer

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Google Search Records Exposes Wife As Husband’s Murderer

Previously Searched Records Exposes Woman As Husband’s Murderer

Google search records exposes woman as husband's murderer

Google search records exposes woman as husband’s murderer

Google search records have exposed an american woman for killing her husband. According to reports, Louise Garner, 55, from Maypearl, Texas has been charged with the murder of her husband after detectives discovered a chilling Google search she made just days before her partner’s death.

The wife had previously told investigators that an intruder had entered their home, told her that he had a work-related disagreement with her husband and shot him dead. She also said the man forced her to open the family safe before making off with $18,000.

But on January 4, the Maypearl Police Department wrote on its Facebook wall that: “We have reason to believe that the shooting was NOT a ‘stranger on stranger’ home invasion.”

Consequently, Louise Garner, was arrested nine days after her husband John Garner was murdered at their home on January 2 after detectives found a Google search “how to kill someone and not get caught” just days before the death on a seized electronic device from the address.

Police Chief Boyd Norton also disclosed further that the autopsy carried out also revealed that John Garner was killed via a bullet wound. They also found a bullet inside a pillowcase during a search at their home, seized Garner’s electronic devices before discovering her internet history.

Police also found a gun in a Ford Mustang parked near the address which experts confirmed to be a match with the bullet found inside her husband’s body.

Garner was arrested and charged with the murder of her husband. She remains in the Ellis County Jail with bail set at $2m.

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