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2019 General Election

Governorship Election Must Not Be Rigged – Peter Obi



A free and fair election is only the means for justice and performance among the elected candidates Mr peter Obi has warned the APC ahead of the governorship election tomorrow in Nigeria that election must not be rigged by any means.

Obi made the call in an interview with newsmen on Thursday in Onitsha, saying that free and fair elections is needed if Nigeria truly want to be like other countries

Peter Obi went further to advise the APC polity party who is the ruling party in Nigeria not to allow the alleged electoral malpractices witnessed during the Feb. 23 elections reflect in Saturday’s exercise, NAN reports

He said: “The idea of trying to disrupt the exercise in the South-South should be discouraged because the area is critical to the development of the country.

“Once the election is peaceful and without rigging, there won’t be any violence.

“But we have heard people say they will capture Akwa Ibom and Delta states, where we have two of the best crop of governors in the country.

“The South-South governors are already doing well and should be encouraged. If you go to Rivers, Delta and Akwa Ibom states, you will see visible and clear performance by their governors.”

Obi urged the people of the South-East to remain peaceful during the polls.

The former governor of Anambra further spoke on the need for a robust and dynamic legislature at the state and national level.

He said that such dynamism was important for the executive to function effectively.

“Even if you have a majority of the legislators from other political parties, you can still deliver on your electoral promise as a governor.

“I once governed Anambra with diverse legislators and I did not have problems but rather achieved my set goals.

“People should be free to choose whoever they want to serve them,” Obi said.

He appealed to security agencies to be fair and impartial to everybody in the discharge of their duties during the polls.

He added: “They must know that their children live in the society and that if they leave it to be abused, it will take revenge on them.

“The society we abuse today will take revenge on our children tomorrow.

“That is why it is important for the sake of the country and posterity that what happened in the last election should not be allowed in Saturday’s exercise

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