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Hope Mosquitoes Will Not Swallow Ballot Boxes In 2019

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Hope Mosquitoes Will Not Swallow Ballot Boxes In 2019

What wonderful things Animals can do in the country, Rats drove the President out of office for a couple of days last year and now a snake has swallowed money, not just some flimsy cash but N36 Million.

To an average Nigerian, “Sai Buhari” has turned to “Kai Buhari.”

Even The Animals In Nigeria Are Corrupt

The hunger and turmoils have become so unbearable for several inhabitants in the Nation.

Corruption has however been a consolation as the dramatic corruption amongst our political leaders could make one vexed as well as laugh.

It gets so hilarious at times that if Diezani is not facing a trial, Patience Jonathan is fighting EFCC over her late Mother or Metuh is coming for a trial on a stretcher and many more.

Although, corruption in Nigeria yanks off the economy, one cannot but make a drama out of it in Nigeria just to create a balance between the hunger and the turmoils being encountered.

Even the average Nigerian child knows Buhari not because he is the President alone but because of the hardship faced in the country as that is the excuse the parents give these days for not affording luxury for children. Hence the Phrase, “In this Buhari Era?”

The latest on the lips of everybody is the drama again of how a snake swallowed N36 Million.

Recall that Nigeria News reported that N36 Million naira went missing at the Jamb Office which was attributed to a Snake.

One comment that has thrilled me so far on an anonymous WhatsApp status reads, “Here I am in this bus sweating like a Christmas goat since 11 am after spending 4 years in the university, a year to serve my country, with 3 empty bank accounts, data about to finish, sitting beside a man who just slapped another man for stepping on him… with all these predicaments, one snake without any qualification swallowed N36million.”

The drama behind the saga is that scientifically, Snakes do not swallow money, my curiosity though, how did N36million get to the office ‘as in’ raw cash… Nigeria my country.

And just when the going was serious, Senator Sanni came up with a drama visiting JAMB with snake charmers and in turn donating repellants to avert more infestations from snakes.

As if it was not enough another staff from the board also alleged that N26 million got burnt in a car crash. another curious question, how will you travel with N26 million naira raw cash?

These strange things by animals bring me to the point, Hope Mosquitoes will not swallow Ballot Boxes come 2019.







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