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How Naomi Osaka Won The 2019 US Open


How Naomi Osaka Won The 2019 US Open

Japanese international Naomi Osaka won the latest US Open after defeating Tennis star Serena Williams in the final. It is reported that Serena Williams accused the umpire of cheating, calling her a thief.

Serena Williams also refused to shake hands with Carlos Ramos the umpire after the initial incident. She also called him a liar and insisted that he will not be in the same court with her as long as she lives. Also, demanding an apology from the Portuguese.


Though as she was shouting at him, the crowd seem to boo in support of the American, Serena Williams, Later on, she accused him of sexism, saying that he never took a game from a guy because they said the word thief.

In this article, you will see how Naomi Osaka, the Japanese star and ranked 20th in the tennis world won American star Serena Williams with ease. Winning two sets was enough for the Japanese star to claim her first grand slam title.

She was also the first Japanese to win a grand slam, breaking that jinx that no tennis star from Japan is without a grand slam. There are certain reasons why Naomi Osaka won the grand slam and these will be listed below as follows;

  • She Kept Her Focus

One would and will suggest that Serena Williams will Scale through Naomi Osaka with ease, considering the level of both tennis stars. But the Japanese international kept her focus and had massive courage against the American. One thing for one is hard work and another thing is for you to keep focus in order to be successful. Naomi Osaka exhibited all of these.


  • Serena Williams had lost control of herself

She was not in control of herself, having argument and shouting at the umpire really distracted her from the game. She couldn’t concentrate and she lost control of the game.

  • Naomi Osaka exhibited no fear

First time grand slam finalist and champion of 2019 US Open expressed no fear as her aggressive approach led to Serena Williams’s mistakes and errors. She was firing and pouring out everything at the six time champion that had many issues with the umpire.


  • Naomi Osaka showed good composure

The Japanese star showed good composure when she was in the game. A huge credit from Serena Williams says it all.


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