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IGP Idris: Can He Really Read? Video Evidence

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IGP Idris: Can He Really Read? Video Evidence

We Need Your Opinion On IGP Ibrahim Idris On His Reading Capability.


This video was shared by a social media user in Kano yesterday while IGP was reportedly reading from a write-up given to him. What NIGERIA NEWS can notice about the IGP reading acts yesterday are:

Didn’t he wear his recommended glass? But he does he usually used one, that is what we cannot confirm at the filing of this report. So he might have forgotten his glass at the office or home.

2. The reading space is open, the solar radiation or is it reflection might have affected his sight?

3. IGP Idris has he read in the public before this time? We don’t know about this

4. When you click the video, social are insinuating that the reason why he has always snubbed the IGP, this is not our opinion

5. Is this video real, about Ibrahim IGP reading in the public, we hope there has not been any tech manipulation about the video, technology can do anything now.

Please watch the video and see what, forgetting your recommended glass, reflection and hot sunlight can do to your reading ability if you an important figure in an event.




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