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IGP Idris Transmission Transmission Full Video – NIGERIA NEWS

IGP Apologises To Edwin Clark Over Unauthorised Raid Of His Abuja Residence

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IGP Idris Transmission Transmission Full Video – NIGERIA NEWS

Inspector General Of Police “I Mean Transmission Recommended Transmission” Full Video


Inspector General Of Police Trending Video: ‘I mean, transmission transmission’…IGP Difficulty To Read Speech

A popular video of Ibrahim Idris, inspector-general of police (IGP), was finding it difficult to read his speech on Monday being 14th 2019 has appeared on the internet for the whole world to watch.

The transmission transmission over transmission I mean recommended transmission video was trending as a result that the IGP continuation to pronounce ‘transmission’ in an over repeated manner in the video.
Idris was said to have been caught in the “belittling ” video tweeted by the handle Voice of Liberty, on Monday, when he got to Kano to commission the police technical intelligence unit in the state.

NIGERIA NEWS preliminary investigation revealed that some part of the video is doctored but that does not cover up for his lots of mistake just that it was repeated over and over again.

“I mean, transmission, I mean effort, that the transmission cooperation to transmission, I mean transmission to have effect, ehm, apprehend, I mean, apprehensive towards the recommendation, recommended formation effective and effect, I mean, apprehensive at the transmission of…and transmission and transmission for the effective in the police command,” Idris said

After many trials to read what actually on the papers, battling with his paper apologized to the listening audience

“Sorry, I’m sorry please,” he said.

In the continuation of the video, a black man on suit came up to help him hold his paper and to even help him to pronounce the words, but the help can barely cover his mistakes, as the help does not make the reading a better one, but rather go back to the ‘transmission effective transmission type of speech.

“All effective the transmission, other transmission, I can state without contradiction that I have commissioned what?” he continued.

“Over transmission of, over transmission of, over all kidnapping, armed robbery and other heinous crimes, I mean, ehm, commission transmission, recommendation transmission.”

Below is the video:


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