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Iranian President, Senior Commander Declares End Of Islamic State

Iranian President, Senior Commander Declares End Of Islamic State

Over the years, no fewer than a thousand members of the Guards, including senior commanders, have been killed in Syria and Iraq.

Iranian president declares end of Islamic State

ISIS Fighter

This has been due to the fact that the Revolutionary Guards, “Iran’s most powerful military force which also oversees an economic empire worth billions of dollars, has been fighting in support of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and the central government in Baghdad for several years.”

However, President Hassan Rouhani of Iran has just declared the end of an Iran as an Islamic State in an address broadcast live on state TV.

Corroborating this stand, a senior commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, Maj.-Gen. Qassem Soleimani, also “declared the end of Islamic State in a message sent to the country’s supreme leader Tuesday which was published on Sepah News, the news site of the Guards.”

Over the years, Iranian Media has reported  “Videos and pictures of Soleimani, who commands the Quds Force, the branch of the Guards responsible for operations outside of Iran’s borders, at frontline positions in battles against Islamic State in Iraq.”

“On Friday, Iranian media published pictures of Soleimani Kamal in eastern Syria, a town which Soleimani said Tuesday was the last territory retaken from Islamic State control in the region.”



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