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Junaid Says Adeosun’s Resignation Is The First Good Thing That Has Happened Under Buhari



Junaid Says Adeosun's Resignation Is The First Good Thing That Has Happened Under Buhari

Following the reported resignation of the Minister of Finance, a Second Republic lawmaker, Junaid Mohammed has expressed joy over the fact that something good had happened for the first time.

NIGERIA NEWS in furtherance of this report also gathered from reports that “her resignation from President Muhammadu Buhari’s cabinet may not be unconnected with her alleged forgery of National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, certificate.”

According to Mohammed, “It’s good news and it means that the nation under the Buhari’s Presidency is beginning to recover and I must say this, the media in the case of Adeosun has played a very honourable role.”

“They stuck to their role and the media as the moral conscience of the country insisted that what is right must be seen to be right and what is wrong must be seen to be wrong and those people who committed infractions when they are in positions of authority who are supposed to be seen as role models must behave reasonably no matter his or her position.”

“No matter the position, when they commit this kind of outrageous offence, they must be made to face the consequences.”

“I wish to remind Nigerians that in politics, doing wrong implies people will have to pay for what they did wrong, if you do something criminal, you must pay for your criminality and if you abuse public office, the least you can do is that you resign.”

“I’m sure she was forced to resign and for the first time in this government, something has been done right.”

“It may be that, but I have some news for Buhari himself and the government, this is not enough to redeem Buhari and his government.”

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