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Killer Couple: Couple Eats And Supplies Human Meat pies To Restaurants

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Killer Couple: Couple Eats And Supplies Human Meat pies To Restaurants

Killer Couple Eats And Sells Human Meat pies

killer couples

Natalia and Dmitry Baksheeva

A Russian couple identified as Natalia Baaksheeva and her husband, Dmitry Baksheeva, have been arrested by the Russian police for preparing and eating human meat pies, which they also sold to restaurants.

The couple has been reported to have confessed to killing and eating about 30 victims, according to their confession to the police.

Before their arrest, the cannibal couple lived in the grounds of a military academy that was being run by the Russian Defence Ministry.

According to DailyMail, UK, a British newspaper, the woman is believed to have sold human meat to military trainees, including student pilots, attending the academy where she worked.

The police discovered human parts in the fridge, freezer and in other location in the couple’s home at one of the hostels in a military academy in Krasnodar, Southern Russia, the paper reported.

A 35-year-old waitress, Elena Vashrushev, who lived near Natalia and her husband, was among the victims identified to have been butchered by the couple.

 As the neighbours reported, Natalia, a former nurse, made and sold pies to support her income from nursing.

Natalia, as gathered from the reports, at a point applied to work as a chef and she offered to supply meat to a cafe in the city of Krasnodar in 2010.

“I said that we work only with certified suppliers.

“The police should look now where this woman may have worked as a chef and if she tried to push her products there too.

“For sure these cannibals were looking for places to sell their meat.

“It sounded to me like her main motive when she was looking for a job. Natalia told me she had experience working as a chef.”

America Today reports that investigation on the case is still ongoing and certain details are yet to be confirmed by the police. Only Dmitry Baksheeva has been charged with a count of murder so far. However, the case could turn out to be one of the deadliest of its kind in Russia.

A similar case is that of a former police officer, Mikhail Popkov, who in March confessed to the killing of 82 people within the age range 17 to 38, between 1992 and 2010. He sexually assaulted all of his victims before their eventual murder.

 Popkov made a rather bizarre statement in his trial testimony; “In one life, I was an ordinary person. In my other life, I committed murders, which I carefully concealed from everyone, realizing this was a criminal offence,” he said in trial testimony.

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