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Killings Tracker In Nigeria Stats – NIGERIA NEWS

Nigeria NEWS Killing Tracker Tool In Nigeria

We are NIGERIA NEWS from today will start to track all the killings in Nigeria that have to do with terrorism, Boko

Haram killings,  Fulani herdsmen killings, genocide killings in Nigeria,  2019 election killing bombing killings, Kidnapping killings, and Nigeria Delta killings in Nigeria to be able to provide accurate figure about all the silent killings in Nigeria.

Human lives are sacred no one has the power to take another person’s live, anyone who do so intentionally or mistaken should also face the same wrath especially when the intent of the killers is to wipe a generation or some sectional part of the killings, which we know here as sectional killings.

The truth must be told must of the mass killings in Nigeria is either to win a political post, to claim a land that does not rightly belong the killers or to wipe away a section of religion.


Click Any of these links To see Total of Killings That Have Occurred, Dates And How Many People Were Killed

  1. Terrorism,
  2. Boko Haram killings,
  3. Fulani herdsmen killings,
  4. genocide killings in Nigeria,
  5. 2019 election killing
  6. bombing killings,
  7. Kidnapping killings,
  8. Nigeria Delta killings


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