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Kogi Government Gives In To Kick- Start Cattle Colonies In the State

Kogi Government Gives In To Kick- Start Cattle Colonies In the State Nigeria

Kogi Government Gives In To Kick- Start Cattle Colonies In the State

The Kogi state government has said it has given in to the federal government plans to kick start cattle colonies with a view to put an end to the incessant clashes between farmers and herdsmen across the country.

The establishment of the cattle colonies across the states was the view by the Federal Government to find an immediate and lasting solution to the clashes between the herdsmen and the farmers.

Recall that many State governors have rejected the establishment of proposed cattle colonies by the federal government in their states, among which are Taraba State governmnent and Benue State.

Kogi Government To Pioneer Cattle Colonies – Gov Yahaya Bello

Kogi Government Gives In To Kick- Start Cattle Colonies In the State

Contrarily, the Kogi state governor Yahaya Bello is of the view that there are many benefits attached to the government planned cattle colonies adding that it will be in the best interest of the people.

According to Vanguard reports, the Kogi state governor, Yahaya Bello in a statement on Wednesday, January 17 via his press secretary, Mrs. Petra Onyegbule said there were benefits of the colonies. He noted that the project will be financed by the federal government and that it was fair for states to also contribute their own quota.

He said: “The governor wishes to allay the fears of the citizens of Kogi State, especially on ownership of communal land, that the policy is never an indirect attempt by the Federal Government to take and handover ancestral land to herdsmen.

“To ensure that everyone is carried along in this process, Kogi State, through the Ministry of Agriculture, will soon be embarking on a series of stakeholders’ engagement to sensitise the people, farmers, cattle breeders and other stakeholders on the implementation of the new policy.

“The traditional rulers, leaders of various communities, opinion leaders, religious leaders and the entire citizens will all be carried along in the course of the stakeholders’ engagement so that we can collectively study the merits and demerits of the policy.

“This will enable us to jointly find solutions to the demerit and at same time improve on the merits to make it work for our state and for our people without any form of grievances.”

“The insinuations and speculations from various quarters across the nation that the Federal Government is conspiring to take over communal land and give it to herdsmen is far from the truth.

“The planned cattle colonies is for the interest of our people; to ensure their safety, develop and boost agricultural production; in turn boost the economy and a better life for all.

“It is a Federal Government initiative and the Federal Government will fund the project, but we will need to contribute our quota to this laudable initiative at the state level by making land available for the project in Kogi State and ensuring proper implementation to ensure the goal is achieved.”

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