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Lauretta Onochie Should Be Warned – CAN



Buhari’s Aide, Onochie, Is Misguided, Prodigal Child – CAN North.

Our attention has been drawn to a terrifying misguided outburst of the Personal Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Social Media, Lauretta Onochie, against the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN). Since this is the second time this low character would be attacking CAN Leadership over its position against the unconstitutionality of the Federal Government, we are convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that she is under instruction to insult the leadership of CAN.

We would have ignored this attention-seeking presidential aide that has gone demented in her attempt to denigrate religious leaders who are doing everything to ensure peace amongst our people across religious divide but the need to set the record straight.

Onochie’s misadventure into the corridors of power brings to mind the parable of the prodigal son in the Bible. It is the desire of every parent to have a well-nurtured child, but when a child is arrogant, blind and misguided, such a child can then end up in destruction.

Onochie is not only a liar but a misguided person. Her open letter to the CAN President, Rev Dr Supo Ayokunle, and associating him with Satan only confirms who she is. Unknowingly to the likes of Onochie and those who have sent her, Dr Ayokunle is raising a high standard of integrity in CAN to the shame of detractors. That is why those false accusations against him can’t stand.

She centred her letter on the CAN President who has not left any stone unturned to condemn the lopsided appointments by her principal. Fortunately and coincidentally, her so-called open letter came out on the same day, a well-respected newspaper in the country, The Guardian, in its editorial added voice to national concern over President Buhari’s nepotism.

Will Onochie also accuse the Newspaper and others, like The PUNCH (August 1, 2016 on ‘Buhari’s Lopsided Appointments’) of being bought by the CAN President?

Every right-thinking Nigerian knows that something is fundamentally wrong with many of the appointments by President Buhari. However, since she and her co- travellers in this journey of blindness cannot see; they will be misguided to insult everyone, including their parents, for pecuniary interest from a temporal office.

Let us put the record straight here that in 2012, CAN was the first group that publicly asked former President Goodluck Jonathan to resign if he could not govern Nigeria well.

So, CAN telling any sitting government that things are wrong is not new for lovers of truth, but for cheap and ignorant people like Onochie, Nigerians should expect nothing than what she wrote in her basket of lies letter. We advise her to check the history of the country and the activities of the Association since its emergence.

Even when the country was under the jackboots of the military, CAN kept the military dictators on their toes as the voice of the voiceless. As the Prophet to the nation, the CAN President will not shirk his divine responsibilities because of presidential bootlickers and cronies who, by mistake, find their ways into the corridors of power.

Quoting the Bible copiously doesn’t help Onochie and her pay masters because even Satan does not only present self as an angel, but once quoted the Scripture while tempting the Lord Jesus Christ. Great prophets in the Scripture spoke the mind of God to powers, irrespective of the wickedness and misuse of power by tyrants and the CAN President cannot but follow their footsteps when the need arises.

We are shocked and appalled at Onochie’s claim that appointments made so far by President Buhari have been based on merit. Please confess who has bewitched you? Has your boss not thrown away merit for nepotism? Nigerians are not fools and can no longer be misguided by despicable characters who have strayed into the corridors of power.

It is not only foolishness but evil for a child to say his parents don’t love him just because they advise him not to consume poison. If you really love and know Jesus, your role as an aide to President Buhari will be to tell him the honest feelings of Nigerians. But since you are lost as the prodigal child, you display arrogance and tell lies in order to keep your temporary portfolio.

We are insisting that President Buhari should stop turning deaf ear to the voice of wisdom and give Nigerians a sense of belonging, irrespective of their religious, ethnic and political affiliations.

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