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Man Impersonate Army Officer; Get Six Months Jail Term

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Man Impersonate Army Officer; Get Six Months Jail Term

Man Bag Six Months Jail Term For Impersonating Army Officer

A man identified as Mohammed Ahmed has bagged a six months jail term for impersonating an army officer.

Army officers

Army officersAhmed who is in his early twenties was sentenced by a Magistrate court in Jos last Friday. The Chief Magistrate Jovita Binjin pronounced that Ahmed should spend the next six months in prison for being guilty of the offence of impersonation and also ordered that Ahmed should pay a fine of N5,000.

The prosecuting counsel had told the court that Ahmed committed the offence of impersonation of an army officer on the 27 of October at a police station in Nassara.

In the words of the prosecuting counsel, “The accused person was impersonating a military man; when interrogated, he could not explain when and how he became a military man.” The offence is contrary to the provision of  Section 132 of the Penal Code, the prosecuting counsel further added.

21-year-old Ahmed had pleaded guilty as he claimed that it was the devil that pushed him into committing the crime.


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