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Man Returns Wrongly Dispensed Money To Diamond Bank

Man returns N30000 wrongly dispensed to him

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Man Returns Wrongly Dispensed Money To Diamond Bank

Honest Man Returns Wrongly Dispensed Cash Back To Bank

Man returns N30000 wrongly dispensed to him

Man returns N30000 wrongly dispensed to him

A man identified as Malam Adamu Askira has been praised for returning a wrongly dispensed sum of N30000 to Diamond bank.

In a letter he wrote to the Bank, he explained to the bank about how their ATM had wrongfully dispensed the N30,000 wrongly to him and of which, he intended to return the cash.

According to him, the Diamond Bank ATM had been dispensing N5,000 every time customers attempt to withdraw a sum of N1,000. He said that this made a lot of people to queue behind the machine in order to get some of the cash, which was sure to be a result of an error on the machine.

This information was disclosed by a Facebook user who wrote as follows:

Honesty is the best policy An Abuja based Kanuri Man from Maiduguri, Malam Adamu Askira had returned the some of N30,000.00 erroneously dispensed to him by a @DiamondBankNG ATM in Wuse 2 Abuja.

“He also alerted the Bank that the ATM was dispensing N1000 notes as N500 which led to a long queue at the ATM. He attached the money and thanked the bank in anticipation of receiving it. This is truly a patriotic Nigerian who believes he does not have to take what is not rightfully his.”

In the same vein too, recall that Nigeria News reported another Nigeria, Michael Jonathan Asemota, based in Qatar who also returned the sum of QR1,502,000 (N150 million) wrongfully deposited into his account. The Edo state native had opened an account with a cheque of QR150, 200 with an undisclosed bank of which he was the sole signatory.

According to him, an alert came on his phone later that day that QR1,502,000 had been credited into his account. Since he was sure that the money was not his, he decided to return it to the bank.

For this goodwill, Micheal was not only recognized by the Qatari government but also the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He was in fact, recommended for a political position by the Edo State Governor.

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