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Man U Arsenal Goal & Highlights 1:1 (watch video)



A. MARTIAL equalized for Manchester United to after 31 MINUTES gone in a goal against Arsenal in the game between host club MAN U and Arsenal. The match which has produced glimpses of attacking game from both sides has finally produced a well-taken goal by A. MARTIAL assisted by Herera cross.

A. MARTIAL with a fantastic own goal to give Arsenal the lead. 1-1 Away side, Arsenal takes the lead in the 30th minute at the OLD TRAFFORD stadium.

It is been reported that the goal came as a the result of some brilliant work done by ARSENAL forward, Alex Iwobi through a well-connected passing.

The live stream of the match being currently played sees that two players with some special skills before giving a simple crossfor the Arsenal midfielder to head home. It’s now MAN U 0-1 Arsenal.

The stadium was stunned by the beautiful goal scored by the MAN U. About 8500 home fans who are watching the match live gave huge credit to the Arsenal forward for his contribution that led to the goal.

In the statistics, this is the first goal by the A. MARTIAL in the CLUB game, and the first goal by Arsenal side in the
2019 EPL qualifier and the 8th goal in the group D Match. The next game by the Arsenal side will be against Libya in
October in the home of Arsenal.

Streets in England the capital city of MAN U are disappointed with the goal they conceded considering the fact that
they started the game the brighter side, playing with high intensity and good composure with the ball.

Both Clubs are actually going for this game considering they both have been defeated in their opening game of the English
Premier League (EPL).

The two Clubs are going for this, home side MAN U still have big hopes of coming back into the game as there is
still plenty of time to be played.

The OLD TRAFFORD stadium is still behind the home players, so that should give them enough encouragement to go for the win.

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