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Maryam Sanda; Wife Of Late Former PDP Chairman’s Son Arrested For Killing Husband

Maryam Sanda; Wife Of Late Former PDP Chairman’s Son Arrested For Killing Husband

Police Nabbed Former PDP Chairman Son’s Wife For Stabbing Husband To Death

The Nigerian Police has issued a statement concerning the apprehension of  Maryam Sanda for allegedly stabbing her husband, Haliru Bello to death.

Maryam and her late husband- Haliru Bello

Maryam and her late husband- Haliru Bello


Bello, 35, son of an ex-chairman of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) has been laid to rest in accordance with Islamic rites in Abuja, after prayers at the National Mosque.

DPS Anjuguri Manzah,  Police Public Relations Officer, disclosed to reporters that Maryam who is the major suspect in the murder of Bello was nabbed on Sunday night and would be charged to court soon as the police conclude its investigation.

Information gathered revealed that the death of Haliru Bello is not a natural cause. The deceased was allegedly murdered in his Maitama home in Abuja by his wife, Maryam Sanda,  the daughter of Maimuna Aliyu, Ex Aso Saving Bank executive.

Also, it was gathered from unconfirmed sources that the deceased was stabbed thrice in the back, and also stabbed severally on his manhood by his wife, who later took him to a hospital for treatment.

The spokesperson for FCT Police Command,  Anjuri Manza disclosed that it is true Bello was killed and investigation on the murder is already ongoing. In his words, “We are investigating the matter”.

Undisclosed sources also claimed that Maryam is notable for violent act against her husband as she had at a time bitten off part of his ear in the heat of an argument. The couple has a daughter who is now fatherless.

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